Cash on delivery payment module with extra charge and limitations Prestashop 1.6

Module for Prestashop 1.6 which will allow your customers to pay the order when you receive it at home, you can also configure the surcharge apply to restrict this form of payment to certain options.

Cash on delivery payment module with extra charge and limitations Prestashop 1.6

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After-sales service

Compatibility with PS

100% secure payment

Immediate delivery

Available languages: in is DE IT PT

Latest version v2.7.7

Last update 13/12/16

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Cash on delivery payment module with extra charge and limitations Prestashop 1.6

Megareembolso Cash on delivery payment module with extra charge and limitations Prestashop 1.6


0 in stock Description:

Module for Prestashop 1.6 which will allow your customers to pay the order when you receive it at home, you can also configure the surcharge apply to restrict this form of payment to certain options.

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Why do I need this module?

Payment cash on delivery allows customers to pay for the order when it comes to your home. This module is the solution for users who do not trust in the security of the payment or the introduction of bank details during the purchase. If enable this form of payment is additional costs for your company, you can make up for it by applying a surcharge when client select this payment option.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers You can pay, with total peace of mind, the import order the Messenger who performed the delivery at home and also to receive information of the quota applied for cash on delivery in the summary of the purchase and will be broken down in e-mail and invoice.

You You can apply the corresponding fee for payment on delivery, as well as disable this option of payment according to products, suppliers...

All the features of the module:

Fixed fee or %

Indicates the fee which will be which pay the customer who selects payment on delivery. You can apply a flat fee or a percentage of the total cost of the order.


Minimum quota.

If you define a fee as a percentage, you can apply a minimum quota to be applied if the surcharge does not reach the minimum amount established.

Example: An order of €10 with a cash on delivery of the 5% fee, will have a surcharge of € 0.50. If you decide to apply a minimum fee of €2, the customer will pay €2, since the percentage is lower than the established minimum fee.


2nd fee

It activates a second fee that will apply to amounts higher than "X" euros. Define 2nd share (in percentage or fixed amount) and the amount from which this second fee will apply. If the order amount is less than the amount stated, the first payment will be applied.


Tax fee

Select the type of tax already included in the fee by cash on delivery or selects the tax that applies to the fee (in this way the customer will have to pay the fee plus taxes).


Choice of amount minimum/maximum to enable payment contrareemboslo

Indicate what is the minimum and maximum order amount, from which shows the option to pay cash on delivery. This form of payment will not be displayed for amounts below or above the established.


Restriction for the cash on delivery payment

You can disable the payment on delivery to make it appear not available according to certain:







To hide this form of payment, only have to enter the corresponding ID in each field (separated by commas).

You can also enable the option of payment cash on delivery but disable the surcharge so do not apply in certain areas ("free"). Thus these free areas customers will pay your order by cash on delivery, without paying a charge extra.


Carriers available for the payment

Select carriers for which this payment option will be activated. Thus, payment on delivery option does not appear when customer select the carrier in question.

Remark: If you select a carrier on the module and change the name of the carrier in Prestashop, you must Access the module MegaReembolso to select the carrier with the edited name again.


Information for clients and administrator

The charge appears on a new line in the summary of the purchase, email and invoice, under the concept "cash on delivery surcharge"

In addition you will be broken down in the Back Office store according to the order. (Back office / orders)

Compatible with official MRW module module

Module available for multi-shop

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From Itsaso | 2016-11-22 14:27:59

Hola, Necesito saber si el módulo es compatible con el módulo de Correos para poder etiquetar directamente.Gracias


Buenas tardes, si, si es compatible con el módulo de correos. Saludos

From Jose Miguel | 2016-09-07 15:36:07

Buenas tarde. Me gustaría saber si el modulo permite generar la factura solo cuando el cobro ha sido efectuado y no al poner el estado de enviado como pasa con el modulo que viene por defecto. Muchas gracias


Buenas tardes, esto no depende del módulo si no de prestashop. Saludos

From Alberto | 2016-06-12 12:49:29

Hola, el módulo funciona bien en la versión Gracias!!


Buenos dias Alberto, si, es compatible con cualquier subversión de la versión 1.6 de prestashop. Saludos

From Lucas | 2015-12-14 17:22:31

Hola, este módulo separa el pago contrareeembolso del transporte en la factura del pedido?Saludos.


Buenas tardes Lucas, Sí, el módulo separa ambas partes en la factura ya que son conceptos diferentes. Un saludo.

From Antonio | 2015-09-09 16:41:42

Hola, este módulo es compatible con la última versión de prestashop ?Saludos


Buenas tardes Antonio, Si, es compatible con la versión de PrestaShop Un saludo.

From Ángel | 2015-01-27 09:42:09

Buenos días, ¿Con este módulo se puede asignar una cuota mixta? Quiero decir si se le puede asignar una cuota fija más un porcentaje del pedido.Un saludo


Buenos días. Efectivamente puede asignar una cuota mixta, El 19/09/2014 el módulo se actualizó, añadiendo la posibilidad de incluir una tasa en porcentajje y una tasa fija al mismo tiempo. Si tiene más dudas, póngase en contacto con nosotros y le atendermos. Un saludo

From giancarlo | 2015-01-06 07:59:30

Buongiorno, volevo sapere se è tradotto in italiano grazie


Buongiorno: Sì, è disponibile. Il modulo viene visualizzato nella lingua impostata vostro Back Office, come tutti i moduli PrestaShop risultati a seconda della lingua selezionata da "preferenze personali". Saluti

From Javier Montesinos | 2014-10-02 19:37:39

Me gustaria saber, porque no me queda claro en la imagen, si la comisión puede ser hasta cierto importe de venta una cantidad fija en euros y por un importe superior establecido la comision de reembolso ser un porcentaje del importe de la venta. Por ejemplo: 1€ a 100€=3€ 101€ o superior = 3%


Buenos dias, si se puede aplicar una segunda cuota, ahi es donde puede poner el otro recargo. Saludos y gracias

From Fernando | 2014-09-25 21:38:58

Hola, estoy interesado en este modulo y quisiera haceros una pregunta, ¿se puede poner como envio gratuito cuando supere cierta cantidad? Muchas gracias y un saludo.


Buenos dias, se puede poner creando una segundo cuota, poniendo, por ejemplo a partir de 50 € segundo cuota de 0€. Saludos y gracias

From Ivan | 2014-08-22 02:18:31

Hola, que pasaría se el cliente en la misma cesta compra un artículo de un provedor que está autorizado para el pago contrarembolso y otro otro artículo de otro proveedor que no está autorizado para contrarembolso?En ese caso dividiria el pedido o no aceptaría el pago contrarembolso?


Buenos días No se activaria este sistema de pagos. En el momento en que en el carrito hay un producto que no permite contrareembolso, este se desactiva.

Page: 12

Review / Update: 13/12/2016 v. 2.7.7:
- Added compatibility in the HTMLTemplateOrderSlip library with versions smaller than 1.6.1.X.
- Added support for MegaProduct.

Review / update: 20 / 09 / 2016 v. 2.7.6:

-Corrected call to Tools:convertPriceFull higher than stores.

Review/update: 21 / 07 / 2016 v. 2.7.5:
-Properly displays the surcharge on the amendment Bill.
-Improved installation of the module.

Review/update: 19 / 07 / 2016 v. 2.7.4:
-Added folder _override correctly.
 -Added PaymentEU hook.

Review/update: 06/07/2016 v. 2.7.3:

-Do not modify in multi-shop payment_fee value.
-Added charge to the OrderSlip object

Review / update 03/12/2015 v 2.7.2
-If a carrier is changed it is not cleared module configuration; follow the ID.

Review / update 03/12/2015 v2.7.1

Of the MegaReembolso image appears when you log from the "process of order on a page", but do not reload the page.

Review / update 10/11/2015 v2.7.0

-It allows to add the fields to the database on each server

-Added check of fields in the database.

-Added a button to automatically copy override if you are missing

-Programming enhancements

-Added line of surcharge in mailalerts new_order (override module) only starting from the

Review / update 03/ 11 / 2015 v2.6.9

-Allows the massive change of State orders.

Review / update 29/10/2015 v2.6.8

-Improvements in the programming

-Added new version of PrestaShop invoice

Review / update 04/ 09 / 2015 v2.6.7 adds three enhancements:

 -Improvements in the programming

 -Added a warning if the override is not copied

-If an order already made is changed from the back, the extra charge is recalculated.

Review / update 21/05/2015 v2.6.6 adds two improvements:

-Improves in the translations on the page of validation and in the invoice.

-Suppression of the HTML in the .tpl from the invoice.

Review / update 04/03/2015 v2.6.5 improves save fees when rates are disabled

Review / update 20/02/2015 v2.6.4 improves the VAT calculation when there is a voucher with free shipping

Review / update 05/02/2015 v2.6.3 added two improvements:

-Displays the image on the button when selecting a payment method

— Displays the logo on the tab of the back-office order

Review / update 27 / 01 / 2015 v2.6.2 optimization in the application of the tax, and improves in the compatibility and programming of functionalities.

Review/update: 19 / 09 / 14 v2.6.1.0 added detector of currency, now if the currency of the customer is different it of the store, is recalculated internally the amount. Added option to include a % rate at the same time of a fixed rate. Added the possibility to indicate which categories to enable or disable.

Review / update: 02 / 09 / 14 v2.5.2.2 added notice to the administrator if not select any carrier.

Review / update: 21/08/14 v2.5.2.1 improved the installation system.

Review/update: 07/08/2014 v2.5. Modified model of invoice. Fixed bug that made it impossible to install the module if the orders table was modified. Fixed aesthetic with the activation form.

Review / update: 15 / 04 / 2014 v2.4 improves on the design and adaptation to Prestashop 1.6

Review / update: 15 / 04 / 2014 v2.3

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