Improve SEO

Improve the SEO positioning of your ecommerce with our modules

The SEO positioning (Search Engine Optimization), also known as organic positioning, is the process to improve the position of a website in the natural results of the different search engines.

In recent years, improving this position has become a common goal for most of the people who have a web page, an online store, a blog ... The truth is that occupying one of the first positions in the Google results pages is a great advantage over the competition because users will see you before the rest. In this way you will have many more chances to click on your website and not on others. Now, it only depends on you that users feel comfortable and stay as long as possible on your site.

Reasons to work on the web positioning of your PrestaShop store

Improve positioning SEO of your online store will bring you great benefits that you must take into account. Increase the traffic of your ecommerce and reduce the loading time of your website to be better optimized. In addition will improve the visibility and brand image of your store, so sales will grow. On the other hand, working to improve the SEO positioning of your ecommerce results much more economic than doing any other type of advertising or marketing strategy and it has many more long-term benefits.

To improve your position in the search engines from Alabaz we can offer you different modules that you can combine and that will help you Your store appears in the first results of Google. These modules take care of avoiding redirection errors , of creating friendly URLs , of reducing the weight of your web images and thus improving loading times. ..

In addition, if you need it, we can also help you perform a SEO audit to check the status of your store and to know which parts you should improve and on which aspects to work more.

You already know that appearing in the initial pages of the search engines is not an easy task, but it will bring great benefits that will make your store excel above of the competition.

Try our modules and contact us and we will start working together so you can start to see the difference.