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    Sell all of your products in your store PrestaShop modules of personalization of Alabaz

    There are products that have special features: are services with date and time, selection of seats in cinemas, theatres, buses; items with customizable measures, products in which the customer can define your design... Is why, than to sell them online, it is necessary to add new options in your prestashop shop and to do this you need customization modules.

    In Alabaz are experts in developing this kind of modules with which our customers can sell any product, whatever it is and has the options you may have. Some of these modules that we put at your disposal are MegaServices, module of reserves with which you can put your clients all kinds of services for hours, days, weeks... with the options they need and creating tickets with the tickets or invitations. It is especially recommended for hotels, bed and breakfast, rental vehicles, clinics, gyms... In addition, if you have a cinema, a concert hall, a transport company... you can complete even more capabilities by adding the module AwSelectSeat that customer can choose, in addition, that seat you want to sit. You can also find in our catalog module MegaProduct with which you can sell products with all you need and allows customers to indicate the measures of custom and choose between all the available attributes, without need to configure combinations.

    There are also modules to add extra options to your products that have different rates, as it is the case of Megacanones, or modules where the customer can create their own designs as MegaDesigner among others

    Tell us about your product and we will create the PrestaShop module you need to sell it online

    No matter how is your product and the needs you have, we can find ways to sell it in your store PrestaShop with the same options as if you yourself were in front of your client but with ease to be able to buy it without having to move from home.

    In addition, we can also help you Manage all of these products internally so you know how to configure and manage.

    If you do not find a module that adapts to your needs, you have doubts or you think it is necessary to modify or expand its functionality simply tell us about it.We will take care of studying your product and discovering the best way to adapt your PrestaShop store to your needs.

    Do not miss the opportunity to sell online because your products have special needs, because that will be precisely what sets you apart from the competition.

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