• DropShipping Prestashop

    If you have a DropShipping-based Prestashop store you will love these modules

    If you have mounted or have intended to mount a store online DropShipping certainly should know our specialized modules on improving the DropShipping experience to the fullest.

    Is one of the issues most important to working with Dropshipping keep your up to date shop. In this way will avoid a customer to buy you a product that the wholesaler has sold out and will always show you all the latest in your store. Dropshipping competition is high and have your always up-to-date catalog can make a difference.

    Your ecommerce with dropshipping will always be up-to-date with our importers.

    For this reason, in AlabazWeb we have developed a few importers of specially created for dropshipping. With them you can import product catalog of your suppliers in a way fast and automatic, you can also schedule these updates through cron tasks with the frequency that you want. In this way, every time you modify the catalog from your provider, your store will also include those changes.

    Also can also automate shipping of orders or make imports and exports of data even on products, prices, stock... so you should not worry nothing.

    We have importers for a wide variety of suppliers such as Dreamlove, Grutinet, GrutinetDrop, Infortisa, MediaMax, MegaSur... and other generic importers that will serve whoever your distributor. If you want also can create an exclusive importer for your wholesaler, just have to contact us and tell us what you need.

    The great performance and optimization of your time that will bring you these modules are reasons more than enough to buy them.

    Start now to enjoy the true experience of your DropShipping store.

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