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We give you some tips to modify the look of your online store, to improve the usability of prestashop and some tricks to improve the agility of your ecommerce
  • Add Paypal payment in your PrestaShop shop

    17/05/2018 - 25 comments
    If you want your customers to pay with PayPal in your PrestaShop store, you will need to create a PayPal account for companies or Business. To do this you should follow a few simple steps to create your account and verify your bank account. Here you explain how to do it.
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  • Are you prepared for the new legislation on data protection?

    16/04/2018 - 13 comments
    After two years since their adoption, the European data protection Regulation (GDPR) enter definitely into force 25 may 2018. If you have not yet prepared to meet their specifications is the time to do so, if you do not afrentarás you to major penalties. Would you like to know the differences between the GDPR and the former data protection act? How to adapt your ecommerce to changes? Then ask for all reading this post.
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  • Friendly url it creates and improves SEO with Goodb-ID

    13/04/2018 - 75 comments
    Would you like to create friendly urls in your PrestaShop store and improve SEO? Then what you need is the GoodbID module. With this module you can delete the id and language products, categories, manufacturers suppliers and cms. Also offers numerous advantages that you can't miss, get to know them in this post.
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  • Everything you need to know about the new canon digital

    The new canon digital entered into force on 1 August. They are required to pay this tax the manufacturers and distributors of equipment, devices and media playback such as mobile, tablets, hard drives... If you have an online store and sell these products to resellers you must take into account that it is necessary to inform your customers and break down it in the Bill.
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  • Join the digital transformation in your company

    Technology moves so fast that keep you up to date is not a simple task. If you own a business, now you open given is that not enough to have an operational online store, must be usable, have a modern design, be quickly and efficiently, offer various methods of payment... In addition, you also have to keep abreast of social networks and control, in general, all of the digital environment. Therefore each and more companies that decide to enlist the help of experts who advise them and guide on this path and, therefore, also, that we have launched our service in Alabaz.
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  • The adventure of the ecommerce: steps for success

    There are many people who in recent years have been launched into the adventure of online trading. And I say to embark on the adventure because, in many cases, not have taken into account that, on the internet, it is also necessary to establish a good business model to succeed. Although e-commerce is booming, having a clear idea of how your business and consider all possibilities in an essential requirement to achieve diferenteciarte of your competitors and obtain good results.
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  • The day comes from the father: triumphs in your online store.

    Approaching another important date on the calendar: father's day. In Spain, this festival is celebrated March 19 and, although there is still a month, is important tenarla into account already to start to organize all the actions of your store and avoid the grip of the last moment. Follow our advice and take advantage of this date to the maximum.
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  • Importance of branding in your online store

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Safe qe has escruchado this a million times, and the truth is that this popular saying is also true in online trading. Do you know the importance that has the brand image in your business? Are you giving the effort required? Today you have the reason for its importance and we explain how to achieve the best result.
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  • Determines how to measure your conversion rate

    To get a position yourself in the first peustos of Google, ensure that users choose your business among all the options that arise, be a time in your store and that, finally, they prefer one of your products, is not an easy task. But, knowing that data is very important, especially the conversion rate. If you want to know how you can meet these data and improve them, don't miss this post.
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  • Multiply the attributes in your PrestaShop store options

    If you have products with many attributes, it is possible that you have found with the disadvantage that a combination is depleted at a given time, but continues to appear as available in your front office. So far the only solution was to hurry up and delete the combination that had been left to scratch from the back to avoid the confusion of your customers. That was before, because with MegaAtributos you can forget about this annoyance. We tell you how to do it.
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