Module to request product information

Module for the sending of queries from the product page that allows you to answer the questions to its clients in a quick and simple way.

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More information

Why do I need this module?

Would you like to avoid that your customers will abandon the purchase because you have doubts about any of the features of the product? You can't have a person 24 hours pending the phone to give a good service to the customer? Don't worry because it is no longer necessary. With the module MegaAsk can address questions from your customers easily via email.

Demo available here

Thanks to this module:

Your customers they will easily get the information they need about a product without having to move the page. In addition, the response will be sent directly in an e-mail to the address indicated.

You You can answer all questions that your customers have about your products, offering a great service of personalized service from anywhere. You will not even have to access the back office of your store as you can manage all the replies from the email address that you set.

All the features of the module:

Your customers can make any inquiry from the product page

With MegaAsk you can offer to your customers directly from which information about the product you are referring to. You won't have to move the page, or call by phone. They will just have to click on the button "Ask us"indicate the requested data: name, email, phone... and enter the questions you have about the article.

Configure the setting tailored to your PrestaShop shop

You will be able Select the fields you must fill in the customer to ask your question. For example, if you want to respond to your question by phone, you can request this information. In addition, you can locate the "Ask us" button wherever you want: under the button "add to cart" (product button) or next product (right column).

Add a button to allow your customers to inquire with megaask

Add custom fields to obtain the information you need

Would you like that your customer will respond to a very specific question as its guidance, how has it come to your store, or anything else? It is very easy because MegaAsk allows you to add custom fields. You can also choose if you want to activate them or not and if you want to be mandatory.

configure custom fields for the information you need

Suitable for international phone numbers

The module will validate that the customer entered the number of digits correct in the field "phone", depending on the country (9 to 12 digits).

Active MegaAsk only on the products you want

Are there any products that you don't want to receive questions? It's okay, you can hide the "Ask us" button the product or products you want.

You can set the megaask so that the button is not displayed in some products

It increases the security of your store by adding a captcha

Make sure that email from your real clients come you only? As with MegaAsk can add a field type CAPTCHA so question is not sent until it is not validated.

Send questions to the email you want

With MegaAsk you can choose the mail that you want arriving doubts of your customers. This way you won't have access to your store administration to answer, since you will have all the information in your email. So you can offer a response to your customers quickly, your own Smartphone. You must also add the terms of service so that the client accept before sending your inquiry.

MegaAsk is suitable for multi-shop:

You can add the button to ask us and all fields customized all your stores. This way you don't have to create the forms over and over again and you can receive all your customer inquiries.

Final result:

Your clients can resolve doubts about your products without leaving the page and the easiest way, and in return, you will receive the information needed to offer them a better service.


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From Josan | 2020-01-12 18:27:17

Las consultas, con la persona que las hace y el producto referido, no quedan almacenadas en base de datos verdad??
Quedo a la espera de su información.

Muchas gracias.

Un saludo


Buenos días,
No, este módulo envía las consultas a través de email, no quedan almacenadas en la base de datos.

From Oscar | 2018-08-27 09:35:19

Buenos días, estoy interesado en su producto, pero me gustaría saber si en el correo que recibe el administrador indica el producto desde el cual se hace la pregunta.

Muchas gracias,

Un saludo


Si, en el correo que recibe el administrador se indica el producto desde el cual se realizo la pregunta.

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