FAQ (frequently asked questions) module for Prestashop 1.5 and 1.6

Module of frequently asked questions (FAQ) so your customers can ask their questions from the product page and check the queries from other users.

Módulo de preguntas frecuentes sobre productos (1.5 y 1.6) View larger

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More information

Why do I need this module?

The best way to have a few satisfied customers is to offer a good service to the customer. If you have a question about a product and have to take days to get the answer or make several telephone calls, most likely is that desist in its efforts and purchases the product in another store. And this can not consent. Frequently asked questions module your customers may see the doubts of other users with the response of the administration of the store and also ask your own questions. Don't let any customer to escape by not receiving a response in time.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers you will find the answers to your questions on the same page of the product or they may ask themselves easily, without even changing page.

You You can resolve all questions of your customers easily and go them keeping to avoid having to answer the same thing over and over again. This way you can improve customer service and the description of your own products.

All the features of the module:

An and no more

It is likely that you're tired answer the same questions about your products again and again since, in general, customers tend to have doubts. The FAQ module you will save time and effort because you can save all the questions and answers in the page of the product to which other users can access them.

Quick and easy

In addition to consult the doubts of other customers, the users who have access to your tend may make their own questions without having to move from the product page. Make it easy, they will thank you.

Add value to your store

Thanks to the register of these questions, you can learn more about the shortcomings of your descriptions and enlarge and improve them based on questions from your customers. You will better meet your products and your customers will be pleased to find an answer in a simple way.

Simple management

With this module, organize management respond to the doubts of customers will be very easy because it allows the allocation of questions. The FAQ Manager can assign questions to the backoffice users. Once allocation will be sent an email the user with the link in question.

It also includes an allocation of questions tab so that you can view from the backoffice.

For employees personal account

The module is multi-user. In addition to the "Administrator", comes the name of the employee who is answering.

From the tab My account the name that you want to view can be configured (nick, if you do not want to display the name of the employee) and a photo that will be in the display of the frontoffice beside the answer if you have entered. This creates more confidence for the customer that puts a face and name to the person that he is addressing, so the service is more personal and close.

New items

Frequently asked questions module also contains a tab of new items to view the questions and new responses from customers. In addition, offers the possibility to indicate how many days you want to keep a question or answer in that list of novelties.

More protection

This module adds a captcha code in the front office for requests question and answers, so you have total protection.

More options for you...

The module allows you to set 3 States where you can find the questions and answers:

  • Validate-pending

  • Validate

  • Not visible

It also includes filters in the list of questions:

1) questions

2) pending questions to validate

(3) questions with outstanding answers to validate

4) unanswered questions

(5) questions not answered by my

In addition, backoffice responses are carried out with a Editor html.

... And for your customers

In addition to reply yourself or one of your employees to the doubt raised by a customer, also other users of your online store may do so. You can select if they can answer only users registrados, non-registered, or none. Before publishing the response you will pass by the administrator to make it moderate.

This module also includes the ability to enable the sending of an email to customers who have purchased this product in the last X days if want to reply. This shipment has a template in MultiLanguage editable so that the administrator to decide what message you want to send.

In addition, the module allows the customer select the language that will make question to filter by language and avoid duplicate content in SEO.

You, the Administration can choose between show all questions but first those of the corresponding language of the page or, on the contrary, only those of the language of the page.

You are interested in this module but your store is PrestaShop 1.4? Contact us through the tab Questions of this page and we will respond as soon as possible.


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From Manuel | 2016-02-09 12:20:30

Buenos días, ¿se puede configurar para que muestre o no cada pregunta y respuesta en la sección de preguntas individualmente?


Buenas tardes,
Se pueden habilitar o deshabilitar preguntas y respuestas en el backoffice.
Saludos y gracias

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