Importer of DropShipping catalogs from suppliers with MegaFeed

With this module you will be able to Import automatically the full catalogue of products from Dropshipping from suppliers using the exporter MegaFeed, allowing you to work with multiple vendors and configure the dump to fit your store's needs. 

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More information

Why do I need this module?

If you're starting your online business with Dropshipping, you've been working with this system for a while, or you're checking in to start doing so, you may already know that keep these kinds of stores up to date requires constant attention.

The Dropshipping it is the new business model on the Internet that allows to sell products without having to have stock. This is a great advantage that no longer requires large investments or the need to have a physical stock.

However, to face the competition and offer your customers the best offers and products, it is necessary to update your catalog regularly and this task, manually, can be somewhat tedious.

So, if you're the product supplier that offers these files to your customers through the export module MegaFeed, you can't pass up the opportunity to make your customers life easier with MegaFeedImport. With this importer your customers will be able to automate imports and save a lot of time.

And, if you are interested in automating this work, don't expect any more because with this module you can forget to import data manually.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers they will always have access to an updated product catalog so it will be easier for them to find what they are looking for.

You you can always offer in your online store all the products of your supplier's inventory in the shortest possible time and in the easiest way. No configurations and no need to manually reimport.

All the functionalities of the module:

The union makes the force

If you're a product wholesaler Dropshipping and you work with the module MegaFeed, you have the possibility to offer your customers an option that they will always thank you, to be able to automate the import of products, prices and stocks. They just need MegaFeedImport and managing your store will be much simpler and more bearable.

Automatic import

You won't have to set anything up. From the initial import you only have to run the import or set up a CRON task in your Hosting so that product, stock and price updates are made completely automatically. In addition, you can decide how often your online store data will be updated (twice a day, every day, every 15 days. ) and will be done automatically.

Independent feeds

With this module you can create different Feeds depending on whether you want to import information about products, stocks and / or prices. You only have to indicate the url that your provider has provided you to access the data. This way you can establish, for example, that the stock information is updated once a day, and the price information is only once a week.

Custom import

By creating different Feeds, you can import the information you need when you need it. In addition, you can choose if you want to import the products always, or if you will only import those that do not yet exist in your store. This way you will avoid reloading products that you already had or losing the modifications you have made to them.

Import by Ajax

When you perform a manual import, the server can stop the process for a time limit. Ajax import allows it to be done by blocks of X lines, indicating a block number that never exceeds that server limit, and thus the process does not stop.

Personalized price

Want to set prices for yourself? Well, with this module you can also do it automatically. You only have to indicate the percentage (%) increase in the price of products relative to the price imported from the wholesaler.

That is, if in the file of the supplier says that a product costs 10 euros, but you want to make a profit of 30%, you only have to indicate 30% in the feed and, automatically, the price that will be shown to your customers will be 13 euros (10 + 30% of 10 euros).

All the providers you want

But that's not all. You can also add to your MegaFeedImport all the vendors you work with, so you don't have to import any of your catalogs by hand. Within each provider you will be able to establish different Feeds according to your needs.

Remember that if you're a supplier and work with MegaFeed you can offer this option to your customers to help them make managing their store easier and more efficient.


With you throughout the process

If you want to further simplify the management of your dropshipping store you need the modules AwOrderFeedAnd AwOrderSend. With AwOrderSend you can automatically send all the orders you receive from your suppliers' products. Those orders will be received by the corresponding dropshipping distributor thanks to AwOrderFeed. This way the process will be fully automated and you will be able to manage your store more efficiently and in less time.

in alabaz we have developed all the modules necessary to utomatize the dropshipping process


*This module only imports data from MegaFeed. If you are interested in this type of importer for another distributor, we can develop it for you.

We already have modules set up to Grutinet, GrutinetDrop, DreamLove, Infortisa, MegaSur and an importer who generic StartoDrop that fits your DropShipping provider.


* Given the size of the initial file you will download from MegaFeed you will need to upload it using the option at the bottom of the module or via ftp if your hosting has restrictions to upload such a large file.


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