Private store for PrestaShop

With this module you can create your own private store and restrict entry to your web to only registered users

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Why do I need this module?

If you don't want all you internet users have access to your PrestaShop and you want your customers to register on your store to be able to check your products, services, promotions, offers... then you have to do is install the module MegaPrivateShop. With this module all people who want to access to your aimed will have to formalize a record previously.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers they will just have to register at your store and you can access privately and from your user profile to all the content of your PrestaShop.

You You can offer your customers all products and offers that you want but without having to do so publicly. In addition, you can learn more of your target audience and adapt your shop to your tastes and needs.

You can test the operation of the module in this demo

All the features of the module:


Create your private store

With this module you can create a store completely private and establish offers, promotions and all you want without them users not registered it can see.

Limited access

With MegaPrivateShop only those customers that formalize their registration in your shop you can previously access its contents. In this way limited access to your PrestaShop and you make sure that only those actually interested in your products know the information of your store.

Even more privacy

The module MegaPrivateShop also allows you to hide the option of Create an account. Thus only the users that you want may register since the authentication option will only appear.

 megaprivateshop permite ocultar la opción de crear una nueva cuenta

Choose your preferences

With the MegaPrivateShop module, in addition to choose if you want or not to allow the registration of your customers, also you can vary the page that users see first when accessing your store. You have several options:

  • Show the entire page:

 con esta opcion solo aparecen los campos de ingreso y registro

  • Show the full page with authentication in a modal window:

muestra el acceso es una ventana modal con la web de fondo

  • Show only the modal window's authentication:

muestra el acceso es una ventana modal sin nada en el fondo

Quick and easy

In addition, you get all this is very simple. So only have that install your module and activate it and select the options of visualization that want and if allow or not the record. If the module is active when the client accessing the store will have that log in to enter. If you do not enable MegaPrivateShop, the functioning of your PrestaShop will be always.

opciones de configuracion del modulo de tienda privada

Known to your customers

With this module your customers can access your store from your personal account, previously entered data, such as your age, sex, place of residence... so it will be easier to be able to offer you offers and products to adapt it to your tastes and needs.

Get a private store is as simple as with MegaPrivateShop. If you have any questions, consult us.


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