Module to avoid 404 errors suggesting other products

Module to set suggested products when you deactivate an item in PrestaShop to improve SEO and avoid errors and redirects.

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More information

Why do I need this module?

When a customer accesses one of your products and in response gets a error 404 because you've Off that product because it has been exhausted or you have stopped selling it for any other reason, not only are you offering a bad service to your customers, but also to Google that will penalize your SEO. It seems like a difficult situation to solve because what can you do? Leave the product active even if it is not available? No. At AlabazWeb we offer you the best solution, the module Suggested Product. With this module you will be able to deactivate a product in PrestaShop without affecting your SEO and sales.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers they won't find another product when they search for your product in search engines, but they will be able to see that that item is no longer available. But, to get a Solution you'll find the products that were more similar to the one you were looking for is that same page, without having to perform any other search

You you can offer a better service to your customers, offering them a quick and simple solution. In addition you'll avoid SEO penalties and your sales won't be hurt.


All the functionalities of the module:

No 404 errors

When a customer decides to buy a product, they search for it, find the perfect page and, when accessing, as a result they get a 404 mistake, he'll leave that store without further ado. That's exactly what you can avoid with this module.

With Suggested Product you will make it possible that when a customer accesses one of the products in your store through a search engine and this item is no longer available, instead of showing them an error or other product, they will be told that it is not available but you will offer a solution: products with similar characteristics.

No redirects

And what happens when a user accesses the product page and as a result gets Adifferent article or similar category? He will definitely back off and return to his seeker. With Suggested Product you'll be able to avoid this situation and you won't have to perform complicated redirects.

Without harming SEO

With this module, when the customer accesses your product page you will see that it is not possible to buy it, but you will see that you try to offer him a solution recomunrating products similar to the one you were looking for. This case may be interested in those products, improving the user experience of your store. In addition, you won't be harming your store's SEO, because even if these products aren't accessible from your store, if they're Indexed to allow access from search engines, avoiding broken links and improving usability.

Configuration by product

You can configure the Suggested Product module options for each product in your store individually by accessing the settings from the product itself.

There are different product options that you can suggest to your customers when they access that particular product.

  • Add products by categories: You'll need to select the number of suggested products you want to be displayed and the categories. The module has a search engine in which you can select the categories you want:

the module selects the products of the category that you indicate

  • Add products manually: In this option you only have to search for all the products you want and add them:

you can choose the products manually that you want to show

  • Add products in the default category: Here you only have to indicate the number of products in the default category to which the disabled item belongs:

the products of the default category are shown

Automatic setup

Don't want to set up your products one by one? It's okay because the Suggested Product module allows you to perform an automatic configuration that will save you a lot of time.

In this way, related items from the product will be displayed same default category than the original alloy product.

generates suggested products automatically from the default category

You can also turn on the option to keep the settings for those products that are already independently or apply the settings to all disabled products.

Final result

This way, when the customer accesses your product, they will be able to see that not available for purchase and the text of "Product discontinued" will be displayed

discontinued product page not available for purchase

But even if you can't buy this item, the user will see that you're trying to help you find what you're looking for and that's why you recommend other products with similar features:

products related to the unavailable product are shown

*The "Ask Us" button is the MegaAsk module and is not included in this module. Do you want it? Press Here.



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