Monthly Comprehensive Maintenance for PrestaShop online store

Don't waste your precious time! Hire our Full Monthly Maintenance service for your Prestashop store and let's dedicate ourselves to it together. Call us at 91 031 24 85 for more information.

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More information

Improving an online store isn't always easy. Even if you know what you have to change and what you want to achieve, finding the way to achieve your goals is not easy. Therefore, from AlabazWeb we have developed a service designed to go with you hand in hand and with your company.

What is it?

We call it maintenance service but it's actually a service Support, Help, because what we offer you is the back-up at all times of Experts in online commerce (programming, SEO, UX... and others) and, above all, in PrestaShop.

We take care of the technical part of your business so that you can take care of what you do best, serve your customers.

The goal of this support is very simple: Convert. If your website converts better every day, your business will continue to grow and we will with it.

What does the maintenance service include?

In a word, the maintenance service includes All, any improvements you want to add to your PrestaShop:

dissenium of your online store and all the modifications that are needed

support and development of our modulos

advice and help your store move forward and improve

Improvements in the design of your online store always looking for usability

Module development and programming

tailored to your needs

Advice and help to find the right path and achieve the success of your business

SEO to improve the visibility of your online store

social media, social media and marketing to improve your internet image

with the maintenance service you'll have everything you need

We help you with organic positioning to achieve results without excessive investment

Web Analytics and Digital Marketing so that you control the image of your company in


We help you in

all the needs that may arise

in your shop


The Result it has to be a website as you've always dreamed of it: usable, simple, effective and to help you turn all visits into sales, but above all it has to be how your client wants it to be, because he will be the one to buy and therefore it is who we should focus on.

How do we do that?

Monthly reports

ALWAYS, ALWAYS AND ALWAYS WILL BE informed of everything what you do on your website. To do this we will create monthly reports of all the work done and that will be available at all times. It is imperative for us that know what you're investing in your money.

Assessment of needs

Each month we will tell you what part of your website you need Improve and the Performances that we are looking to undertake to achieve the best results and thus improve your conversion rate.

You will also have your homework!!

To achieve the best result with your business, we need you to support us in our work and take into account the guidelines we set out to you. That's why we put "homework" on you. You know more about your product than we do, so we teach you how to sell it on the Internet and You sell it!

How many hours do I hire?

Depending on your store's needs and the urgency you have to achieve results, you can hire the maintenance service with more or less hours. In order to perform the necessary tasks, the maintenance service must be of a minimum of 3 hours per month. Our technicians will estimate the necessary hours based on the needs of your business and the objectives you want to achieve.  You can increase or decrease the number of hours contracted whenever you want (one month notice in advance). Obviously, the more hours you hire, you'll get better and faster results.


We do not have mandatory stays for our maintenance service, we will work hard so that you do not want to leave us.

Feel the results

We don't want to show you on paper the improvements of your store, we want you to feel them. We want you to notice how your business improves day by day, how sales are increasing, how your store is increasingly usable, and how your customers are more satisfied.

Because for us your business is ours, make us part of it.

Do you have any doubts? Call

If you need information about this service, please contact us on the phone 91 031 24 85 and we will advise you on your needs without any commitment.


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From Victor | 2013-10-03 19:52:42

Queremos subir articulos masivamente, ya que dado nuestro sector a muchísimas referencias, tambien podias hacer eso?
Un saludo


Si claro simplemente envie los ficheros con datos que desea importar para que un tecnico valore cuantas horas puede necesitar.

From pedro | 2012-12-31 18:56:51

me pasarian de la version 1.4 a la 1.5


Dentro del mantenimiento mensual se contempla también esta labor que será valorada cuando veamos los módulos y plantilla que tiene instalada.

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