Module Redsys surcharges or discounts for Prestashop 1.4

Module to pay via the Virtual POS system Redsys for Prestashop. Valid for Banco Santander, Banco Popular, Banco Pastor, Banco de Valencia, Banco Gallego (see all entities in the product description)

Módulo Redsys con recargos o descuentos para Prestashop Module Redsys surcharges or discounts for Prestashop 1.4

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After-sales service

Compatibility with PS

100% secure payment

Immediate delivery

Available languages: in is DE IT PT

Latest version v7.2

Last update 24/11/2015

45,00 €

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Module Redsys surcharges or discounts for Prestashop 1.4

45,00 €
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Why do I need this module?

So your customers can pay with credit card in your online store, you'll need a module that connect your website with financial institutions. I.e., you need a payment gateway.

Redsys is one the existing payment gateways that connects your business online with the Bank *. When customers choose the form of payment by card, they introduced their banking details and Redsys will connect with the corresponding financial institution to authorize the payment and check that the details are correct.

This module is also available for versions 1.5 and 1.6 of PrestaShop here.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers You can pay by card, IUPAY, and (similar to paypal systems). You can also use any currency. Something you can only do with functionality Conversion in this module, since only Redsys works with euros and dollars.

You You can apply surcharges or discounts to your customers for payment card, enable different POS for each zone, locate a payment error, turn it into order and all the features as shown below:

NOTE: Before starting to use the module, will have to contact your Bank and hire your virtual POS Service to pay with card. Then, you will receive an e-mail with the information that you must enter in the module to enable it.

All the features of the module:

All the POS that you want to configure:

(((-Choose the types of POS need: 1) payment with card, 2) payment with IUPAY or 3)

-Added all the POS that you need (previous contract with the financial institution)

-TPV maps to more than one store (multi-shop PrestaShop)

-Select the type of currency to your customers (euros or dollars) used. If you need both currencies, you can configure two different POS for every occasion.

-Activates the conversion of currency so that your clients can buy if they do not use US dollars or euros.

-Assigns a different POS according to the zone (example Peninsula, Canary Islands) or the same for the whole.

Surcharges and discounts apply:

-Apply a fixed charge for card payments or a percentage of the order to compensate the Commission charged to your bank to use their virtual POS (typically between 0.75% - 1.25% of the order total).

-Includes a minimum quota of surcharge that applies if the surcharge percentage does not reach this minimum amount.

-Apply a tax to the applied surcharge.

-Reward your customers with a discount for payment with card, iupay or to encourage their purchase.

History operations and return of orders

-Registration of operations: module records all the movements of the user in the "Operations" tab. In case of error in the payment, you can see which order is, what has been the failure, at what point has occurred. Finally you can convert the error in order that you develop with normality.

-Return an order. If you need to return the money of an order the customer, you should go to Redsys and request it. However, this module allows you to return the order with just one click without leaving your store's Back Office.

Earn the trust of your customers.

-Shows the amount of the fee/discount both in the email that the customer receives the invoice

-Error message. If an error occurs at the time of payment, customers will receive an e-mail to inform you that there has been a problem solved as soon as possible to proceed with the order.

It generates direct payments
Do you have a physical store, but your customers can't pay with card because you do not have a POS? Well don't worry because this module offers the possibility of generating direct payments of any order, amount, etc.
Only you will have to indicate the name of the customer, your email and your purchase cost. The customer will receive an email with a link to the website where you have to make the payment or you can directly provide that url. So, even if you buy in your physical store, you can pay easily via the internet.
You also have the option to allocate that payment to an order from your backoffice, namely a purchase from your online store.

Payment with a single click
This module includes the possibility to activate the clicktopay option. As a result, when a customer has made a payment with your card at the store you can return to pay another order without having to enter the data.
It is important to bear in mind that the store does not save any information about customers cards. These data are stored by Redsys and at the store, the identifier that sends Redsys only saves.

The module is 100% guaranteed and certifies its proper functioning.

Valid for the following financial institutions adhered to Redsys:

Módulo Redsys Prestashop para CaixaBankMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV BBVAMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV BankiaMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Banco SantanderMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Banco PopularMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Banco SabadellMódulo Redsys Prestashop TPV Catalunya BancMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Banesto Grupo SantanderMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV BankinterMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Banco Mare NostrumMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Banco de Caja España Caja DueroMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Banca MarchMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Banco Pastor Grupo Banco PopularMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Barclays BankMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Lloyds Bank InternationalMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Deutsche BankMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Caja RuralMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Banco MediolanumMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Banco EtcheverríaMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Citibank EspañaMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Banco Caixa GeralMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV BankoaMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Unoe BankMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Banco AlcaláMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Banca PueyoMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Caixa de Credit dels EnginyersMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV BancofarMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Caixa GuissonaMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Banco CaminosMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV ArquiaMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV Banco Finantia SofinlocMódulo Redsys Prestashop para TPV ING


* If you can't find your Bank identity in this list, contact us at questions.

* Before begin to use the module, you will have to contact your Bank and hire your virtual POS Service to pay with card. Then, you will receive an e-mail with the information that you must enter in the module to enable it.

* Coming soon Microsoft will no longer support the browser Internet Explorer. For this reason no we cannot be responsible for as it is displayed in the browser module.

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From Manuel Adan | 2015-12-18 14:23:42

Buenas tardes, Tenemos un Prestashop 1.4.7, ¿funciona con garantías para esta versión con las nuevas claves de encriptación SHA256?. Gracias,


Buenas tardes Manuel, Por supuesto, el módulo funciona correctamente en PrestaShop 1.4.7. Un saludo.

Page: 1

Review/update: 24/11/2015 v 7.2
-It allows to correctly save the code to save the record.
-It allows to correctly save the order to activate the SSL option.
04/11/2015 v 7.1
-New descriptions explaining the tab options.
-Allows the correct validation ip redsys.
-Lets you send emails with enabled https websites.
-Removed options notifications https not used already.
23/10/2015 v 7.0
-Modify the encryption of send data to redsys 256 in all communications protocol.
-Added the possibility of clicktopay. This option allows that once a customer has made a payment with your card at the store to repay another order without having to enter the data.
15/10/2015 v 6.1
Correct calculation of the carrier at the price that sends the request for certain transport modules.
06/10/2015 v 6.0
1) allows for direct payments. This will allow a client can send a link with a payment that has to make or use the module as a physical for your store POS, you need to charge a customer from your physical store.
17/09/2015 v5.7
-Increase safety when choosing the method of payment. It is more reliable and safer.
Use a controller to pass the information to Redsys.
10/09/2015 v5.6
1) generates the trolleys that have been not processed orders from the list of records of the modules.
30/07/2015 v5.5 adds two new features:
1) allows you to assign a logo to a POS to be displayed in the selection of the payment.
(2) it allows returns of only part of the total paid by the customer.

Review/update: 30/01/2015 v5.1

-New option to indicate the rate that applies to the fee.

-New configuration option from the POS terminal to convert to euros if the ip is not allowed to buy in other currencies that non-euros.

-Labels of the tpl have been translated to English to improve the translation of the module, as needed by the client the module.

Review/update: 15/01/2015 features new v5.0:

-For the client and the Administrator error message: display of the message "an error occurred at the time of payment. We will contact you"when the customer pays and an error in the payment gateway. The administrator receives the message at the time of the error with the details of the problem and provided the link from which you can check the status of the order.

-Registration and modification of the error: from the Back Office you can access orders and the errors in each of them. If the order has not been generated by a failure at the time of payment, you can locate the error and convert operation on order. You can make the return of an order if the customer requests it

-Creation of POS you can create all the POS you need and select those who will be active and which not

Review/update: 29/08/14 v.4.0

-Modficado the installation system to eliminate problems in the backup files to the override. Improved the system of registration of access to the module for knowing if a cart to been sent but the client has not become so to know because it is not functioning properly. Modified the configuration of POS to be able indicate what types of payment can be used, provided that it has contracted to them. You can create three types POS:

-Payment with card

-Payment with IUPAY

-Payment with

Review/update: 26/08/14 v.3.7 allows you to use IUPAY.

-Optimized copy of the override files.

-Added more checks in the installation tab to check if the respuesta_tpv.php file is available or should be modifcar permissions.

-Added the tab respuesta_tpv.php file installation log to check if this Redsys sending notification to validate the order.

-Saves the record of the cart when the customer exits page to pay so that trolleys that has not been validated by any problem can be processed.

Review/update: 04/12/13 v.2.9

-Improvement in the control of errors in the validation of the order.

-Removing text array in sending data.

Review/update: 11-19-2013 v.2.8

-Added compatibility with the analytics module.

-This fixes error in reported orders when they were wrong.

Review/update: 15/11/13 v.2.7

-Change of design.

-Added the hookPaymentReturn to run the analytics module.

Review/update: 12/07/2012 v1.0

-Detection of the language of the user.

Review/update: 29/04/14 v. 3.1

-Added compatibility with PS 1.6. x

Review/update: 18/04/2013 v2.6

-Improvement in the headers when the POS for the version 1.5.4.

Review/update: 28/02/2013 v2.1

-Added the charge/discount in the invoice and the email that is sent to the client in a disaggregated way.

Review/update: 04/02/2013 v2.1

-Added compatibility with new panel 4B.

Review/update: 12/04/2012 v1.0