• How to sell online at Halloween

    Halloween sales do not stop growing and beat records. For example in the United States were estimated 8,400 million in 2016. The night of the dead has enshrined as a global cultural event which occupied front pages of media and social networks, so it should be a turning point in our planning of sales.
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  • Everything you need to know about the new canon digital

    The new canon digital entered into force on 1 August. They are required to pay this tax the manufacturers and distributors of equipment, devices and media playback such as mobile, tablets, hard drives... If you have an online store and sell these products to resellers you must take into account that it is necessary to inform your customers and break down it in the Bill.
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    Needless to say that Amazon is one of the main references of e-commerce around the world. They were one of the pioneers in this type of business, and this has brought to them a great experience and notoriety. For this reason, when you think about the option of selling at Amazon is easy to find great advantages: visibility of your shop and your brand, an enviable traffic, high-demand products... However, have you ever thought you ever the disadvantages of working in the shadow of this giant? In this post I will detail the benefits and problems that can cause your company sell at Amazon.
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  • We are Google Partner

    After much effort and dedication we have finally achieved the recognition of Google as Adwords experts. Trust us to get the maximum benefit from your investment and achieve the best results for your business. Success does not depend on a great investment, if not knowing where and when to act. For that you need the advice of the best, and we no doubt and so Google acknowledges it.
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  • Meet the payment with Redsys error codes

    How many times your customers you have paid with card and it was an error that you don't know where it comes from or how to fix it? I am sure that more than one. The best way to avoid this is to know the codes that Redsys errors called to find out what happens and to offer a solution to your customers before losing an order.
  • Google penalizes companies without certificate SSL do meet your requirements?

    As of January, and with the launch of the new version of the browser chrome, Google will penalize all the web having no certificate SSL, i.e., all those that are not safe. Do you have your https protocol? Do you meet with the requirements of the browser? Do you know what you have to do to avoid sanctions? So we tell you everything here.
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  • Aid to SMEs to improve the online trading

    Do you have a small business and want to improve your online shop? You're thinking about a new business idea but need help to take? Would you like to upgrade your company's technology? Would you like to expand your market? Learn here all subsidies and supports that various agencies put at your disposal and get all their benefits. Contact us and we will inform you of the best options available to you.
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  • Attributes and combinations would know how to use them?

    If you have a shop in PrestaShop, one of the first things that secure important which was how to create attributes and combinations to avoid having to create products for each of its variables. But you are doing it correctly? do you know all your options? In the next post we tell you everything you need to know.
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  • The evolution of online trading

    E-commerce has evolved a lot and very quickly in recent years, but do know how it came about? would that facts and technologies have encouraged their development? The figures are every day more spectacular, you have already decided to assemble your online store? Remember that every day that passes you are losing the opportunity to open up to the world.
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  • Don't miss the train of the digital transformation for your company

    Technology moves so fast that keep you up to date is not a simple task. If you own a business, now you open given is that not enough to have an operational online store, must be usable, have a modern design, be quickly and efficiently, offer various methods of payment... In addition, you also have to keep abreast of social networks and control, in general, all of the digital environment. Therefore each and more companies that decide to enlist the help of experts who advise them and guide on this path and, therefore, also, that we have launched our service in Alabaz.
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