Module to improve the display of attributes in Prestashop

Module that hides or shows crossed out combinations of depleted products so that the user cannot select unavailable products

Module to improve the display of attributes in Prestashop View larger

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More information

Why do I need this module?

Prestashop allows you to add different combinations of attributes to a product such as color and size. However, when a customer selects an out-of-stock combination (example size S, color Orange) attribute combinations (when they are more than one attribute), remain in the store, which may confuse its customers about the availability of a product. With this module you will be able to improve the display of attributes hiding those exhausted combinations. Or if you prefer, you can display out-of-stock attributes visible with a crossed-out image indicating that it's not available.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers they will have no doubts about the products available. As you select attributes, nonstock attributes will be disabled (or will appear crossed out).

You you can provide a better visualization of attributes by hiding out-of-stock combinations or showing crossed-out attributes to signal that they can't be selected.

All the functionalities of the module:

Don't show the exhausted combinations in your PrestaShop and avoid confusion

The module Mega-attributes allows you to stop showing, or show studded, the exhausted combinations of your products. This way your customers will know exactly which product is available and with what options. You will improve the usability of your prestashop and the visualization of your products.

In the following images you can see how in one case the exhausted combination does not appear while in the other it is crossed out. In both cases the attributes are displayed as buttons.

with mega-attributes you can hide the exhausted combinations

with mega-attributes you can show them crossed-out combinations depleted

Improve visibility and change the design of attributes in your online store

With the module you will be able to display the images of the attributes Expanded hovering over the mouse. Also, if you create an image for each combination, when the customer selects those options, the main image of the product it's Updated showing the final result. MegaAttributes also allows you to select the design of the attributes of your PrestaShop. You can choose to show them as Buttons or with a drop-down list.

In the following images you can see how the main image changes when modifying the combination. Attributes are displayed as a drop-down list:

the main image is updated when you change the combination

modifying the combination updates the main image

Choose the categories in which you want to apply the MegaAttributes settings

If you have different types of products and in some of them you don't want to apply the module settings nothing happens, because MegaAttributes allows you to choose in which categories you want the module to be active.

select the categories to apply the mega-attribute settings

What are you waiting for to show the best image of your PrestaShop to your customers? With MegaAttributes you will have an effective store and satisfied customers. 



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From attrib | 2019-09-19 12:20:49

I'm interested in your plugin.
Just one more information please :
I want to use the option with crossed attribute when the product is "out of stock".
But for some of them I accept orders and for the others I refuse orders.
I want to be sure that the plugin can manage this situation and make sure the attribute will not be crossed even it is out of stock but with the fact that it is possible to order it...


Good Morning,
The module does not affect in that case. If the product is sold out but allows orders the module simply does not work, it shows the combination as "available" even though it does not have stock since it is possible to buy it.

From RICHARD | 2019-07-04 16:36:05

Good morning, if I buy this module for Prestashop 1.6, will I have the same functions as the version for Prestashop 1.7? For example, the undisponed combinations will appear with x?


Good Morning,
Yes, the functionalities are the same but adapted to version 1.6 of Prestashop. it is compatible with all subversions of Prestashop 1.6.

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Dudas Frecuentes

Me desactiva las tallas y me marca el error de prestashop cuando no hay inventario en una combinación. THIS COMBINATION DOES NOT EXIST FOR THIS PRODUCT. PLEASE SELECT ANOTHER COMBINATION.


Por (X, Spain) el 26 Feb. 2020 (Module to improve the display of attributes in Prestashop) :

Problem solver

It is nice module I was looking long time for module that sort attribute like this. It is working good and help me with many combinations.

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Por (Hamburg, Germany) el 26 Feb. 2020 (Module to improve the display of attributes in Prestashop) :

Great Module and greatSupport

Attribute/Combination Handling is one of the major (UX) weakness of Prestashop. Megaattributes is fixing some of them in a very nice way. Support is great. Jorge fixed some minor bugs within hours and was very helpful explaining some other problems to us. This Module is highly recommended for everybody with more complex combinations.

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85,90 €

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