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Module to customize custom products (m2, m3, inches), calculation of structures, weights (kg)  - Product Page PrestaShop Modules

Module to customize custom products (m2, m3, inches), calculation of structures, weights (kg)

Improve your PrestaShop for industrial structured sales with MegaProducts. Designed for businesses that require precise customization of products in measurements (m2, m3, inches) and calculation of structures and weights (kg). Ideal for configuring complex products such as curtains, metal structures, bulk foods and jewelry, simplifying the sale of items defined by mass, length

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Megaproduct Advanced  - Personalised products

Megaproduct Advanced

Module that he allows expanding the options of the module Megaproducto with the option of viewing a text added by the customer.

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Fees for products in Prestashop module  - Addons from PrestaShop

Fees for products in Prestashop module

This module allows the allocation of cannons or options extras to our products PrestaShop, configuring them completely Depending on our needs and our products.

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