At AlabazWeb we strive to remain one of the best companies in the world in the development of ecommerce PrestaShop to always offer our customers the best solutions for their businesses. Is not enough to create an online store, we want to improve it, make it efficient, achieve a personal right design and get all the people who rely on us to obtain the success that work tirelessly.


The technical needs of the customers and making your business work is, obviously, one of the main objectives of Alabaz. However, our work goes far beyond. We like to be close to the customer, exchange views, ideas, talk about your business, help you in any question you need. We cannot forget that we are also a company and, probably, we have passed or we are going through the same circumstances that our customers live. Therefore, the greatest satisfaction for us is to see them grow, helping them in whatever way we can, far beyond simply providing a technical service in PrestaShop.


Our goal is to make our customers feel satisfied with our work and trust in us for all the improvements and needs arising in your business. We have worked very hard but we've managed to highlight worldwide among the companies that are dedicated to PrestaShop. For this reason, remain at that level leads us to strive each day.