Working as a programmer, marketing, or customer in Madrid


AlabazWeb, online shop dedidaca in an exclusive way to e-commerce, you will find a multidisciplinary team in the ecommerce sector and in particular with PrestaShop outcomes-oriented.

If you are looking for employment in Spain, is your starting point to dive into this exciting new world of virtual shops or ecommerces, which are having so much boom in recent years, and what's still left to this sector to discover.


In our team, you have a place for you, if you have a talent that show world, a vocation or a passion inside of this sector, just a click that we help you achieve your dream.

In Alabaz we advocate dreams, we strive to meet them and by do that every day our employees feel more comfortable working with us.


If you want to tell us in which you Excel and what could you bring to us, you can write to us here.


why working in


Because we are a young team with a common goal, for which each of us gives the best of itself to achieve this goal, as well as to reach each one of our personal goals.

We are looking for employees and colleagues who have clear what their desires, their highest aspirations to help them to get it together.

We believe that this is the only way to be happy and have success in this world.


Family conciliation

We have family policies, so that our employees can maintain a balance between your family life and your work life.

Our Director, Nohemi Hornero, throughout his career as an entrepreneur has been found with a multitude of barriers that are overcome in this sense, the condition of women in a medium, basically of men.

These barriers are what lead him to take over once awareness of this type of initiatives for its employees.

And this ease in conciliation, what employees are grateful to the companies in which we work.  


Sport as an entrepreneurial culture

We also have a team of running by means of which we want to join our team culture of the sport. 

In this sense, also financed part of the career of a very special for us, athlete Loida Zabala, a Paralympic mode of weight-lifting athlete, of which we are enormously proud and which support in whatever way we can. 


 If all that you found interesting and you want to be part of our team just you must send us CV here.