AlabazWeb, as a technology company and committed to the development and innovation, develops a function of dissemination, information and promotion of Corporate Social responsibility in its actions as well as its commitment to disclosure in relation to our customers in the form of advice of socially responsible business policies, and beyond to the entire society.




Gender equality: gender in the media template sharing is 50%.

Employment promotion and family conciliation: flexible hours or work from home (telework) are two of the social benefits that we offer to our employees to facilitate conciliation. As well as the reduction in working hours in any case means a brake to the professional development of any member of our team.

Stability: In an environment like this, Alabaz template not only has been maintained, but it has increased.

Professional development: innovation is part of our DNA and this favourably affects the development of new skills, abilities and knowledge by our team.


Customers and products

Dissemination of CSR: how developers and ecommerce consultants, our commitment to Social responsibility goes beyond our code of ethics and we advise our clients in the implementation of new challenges.

Maximum competitiveness: our challenge is to maximize the added value that we offer to the client. Knowledge and experience in PrestaShop are the basis from which we start to offer a quality and excellent service for those who trust in us.




Role: Due to our technological nature, the use of paper is very limited. We seek always the best solutions to avoiding the use of paper. Even so established a policy of change for the replacement of conventional paper by recycling paper.


Social Action


Commitment to the sport: the sport represents part of our company culture. Always with new challenges to achieve, therefore, we have a team of running in which we share our values and personal challenges.

But the commitment goes beyond our practice and we collaborate with the financing of the career of the athlete Paralympic in the category of weightlifting, Loida Zabala, which we are very proud to meet, share their challenges and successes as well as supporting it in everything you can.


Collaboration with ONG´s: on the development and improvement of social equilibrium also collaborate with Unicef and Red Cross with annual donations to their campaigns.