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Fully customized products

At Alabaz, we've created a system that invites your customers to become designers of their own jewelry. With easy-to-use options to select materials, finishes, types of stones, colors, custom engravings, and fonts, we offer a frictionless experience that makes customization an integral part of the purchase. Real-time preview ensures that each customer can visualize their unique creation, ensuring their complete satisfaction before finalizing their order.

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Instant price calculation

We understand the importance of transparency in every aspect of the purchase, especially when it comes to customizing luxury products like jewelry. That's why we've added the functionality to your store to offer real-time pricing, allowing your customers to see how each customization choice, from material to engraving, affects the final price of their unique piece of jewelry. This functionality ensures that there are no surprises in the purchasing process, giving your customers complete control over their design while staying within their budget. With each selection, the price updates instantly, providing a transparent shopping experience.

Immediate Assistance via Live Chat

We understand that customization can raise questions, so we offer you the option to add a live chat service that is always available, providing instant assistance at every step of the process. You can enable your team to address inquiries about product customization, the purchasing process, and any other concerns, ensuring that your customers' experience is smooth and enjoyable.

Simplified Purchase Process

Despite the depth of customization, we've streamlined the purchasing process to be straightforward and hassle-free. We can organize customization in stages within the product page, so the customer doesn't overlook anything and completes the process seamlessly. From selecting the jewelry to checkout, we've minimized the steps needed to complete a purchase. Customers have the freedom to review customization details at any time, ensuring a shopping experience that's as satisfying as the final product.