Alabaz WEB is a team of professionals at your disposal in Prestashop

  • Nohemi Hornero Zabala

    Nohemi Hornero Zabala

  • Alberto García

    Alberto G

  • Jorge Ms

    Jorge Ms

    Program manager
  • Robert t.M

    Robert t.M

    SEO & Analytics
  • Paula C.F

    Paula chains

    Customer Support
  • Ana F.R

    Ana F.R

    SEO & Analytics
  • Luis Miguel G.

    Luis Miguel G.

    Program and Support
  • Carlos C.F

    Carlos C.F

    Program & UX
  • Sunday P.M.

    Sunday P.M.

    Program & UX
  • IRIS D.C.

    IRIS D. L.

    Marketing Assistant
  • Daniel M. B.

    Daniel M. B.

    Marketing Assistant
  • Irene S. M.

    Irene S. M.

    Department of administration

Information about Alabaz Web Pro

AlabazWeb Pro It is a company that was founded in mid-2009 with the illusion of offer solutions to the growing demand for e-commerce. After years of research tools, finally we chose us focus on one and become great experts. That tool is none other than PrestaShop.

We have diversified our services to multiply our capacity for action, but then we had not achieved the degree of experience & expertise that I consider necessary to offer our customers the best attention and services.

Our technicians are specialized in e-commerce Prestashop, through the platform Web Alabaz Pro platform performs all tasks necessary to make your virtual business success that you claim.

All of us belong to the staff of Alabaz Web Pro, No We subcontract any development, No We are freelance, we are a team of professionals led by Nohemi Hornero, we put all our passion in the shops of our customers.


We are experts in Prestashop and we offer for your online store:

-Design for your ecommerce.

-Digital Marketing.

-Usability for your ecommerce.

-Optimization for search engines.

-The conversion rate optimization.

-Custom programming.

-Advanced Analytics.

-Advanced optimization of Adwords campaigns.

-Email marketing.

-Social networks (only do when it really serves to sell)

-Optimized for e-Commerce Hosting.


Our data:

Alabaz Web Pro

  • Losar de la Vera (Cáceres)

Madrid branch

  • Tielmes (Madrid)
  • (+ 34) 91 874 68 57 TL.