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Importers/exporters (Dropshipping) |

Importers/exporters (Dropshipping)

Importer products capsules Dropshipping  - Importers/exporters (Dropshipping)

Importer products capsules Dropshipping

Module that imports and automatically updates the catalogue of the supplier capsules Dropshipping, allowing you to choose when and which data will be imported. (Dropshipping)

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Importer of products of Infortisa for Prestashop  - Addons from PrestaShop

Importer of products of Infortisa for Prestashop

Module that imports and updates the catalogue of the supplier Infortisa, establishing when and what data will be updated automatically and reliably (new, discontinued products, languages, prices...). (Dropshipping)

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What is dropshipping?

If you want to sell products online but you do not have many resources to have large amount of stock, warehouses, distributors, transporters... one of the best options available is working with Dropshipping.

The Dropshipping is a form of business in which the online shop does not have physical store with its products, but imports the catalog of a supplier. The user can buy from this ecommerce but which is responsible for sending the product to the end customer is the same Distributor. This is a great savings of money, time and space to the administrator of the online store that only has to worry about keep always up-to-date product catalog and thus avoid selling products out of stock or not having available articles already are.

Automatically manages your PrestaShop with Dropshipping store catalog

To update the product catalog must be responsible for import data provided by the wholesaler. It is advisable to do so with some frequency since there may be many shops that work with the same dealer and stock prices, news, figures can change frequently. For this task, is automatic and not have to worry so you can use importers.

Importing modules can be configured tasks cron in the hosting of your store to make imports of catalogs with the frequency that you need. In addition, you can choose which data import in each case, it is possible that you need to update more often the stock than other options such as prices or the images of the products.

Importers also allow you to manage the profits you want to obtain from each product in your wholesaler's catalog. You can choose between putting the sale price you want to each item or setting a profit percentage you want to get.

Since Alabaz we have developed dropshipping importers for different wholesalers such as Infortisa, Grutinet, Dreamlove, MediaMax, MegaSur, CoolAccessories ... but if you do not find your wholesaler in this list do not worry, our technicians can take care of creating an importer for you distributor. Just contact us and tell us what you need.

Become a dropshipping wholesaler with our modules

And if you are the one who wants to become a dropshipping distributor, we can also help you. In Alabaz we have developed the MegaFeed module with which you can export your catalog and MegaFeedImport, with which your client can automate imports. In addition, if you want to make the management of the store even easier for your customers you can also install AwOrderSend and AwOrderFeed. With these modules the orders you make to your customers' stores will automatically reach you. You proceed to send the order to the final customer.

Enjoy all the advantages offered by dropshipping and if you have any questions, contact us.