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Flexible Reservation Management

The platform must offer a versatile booking system that allows customers to rent products by days or hours, adapting to the needs of each type of item. This functionality should include an interactive calendar to easily select the start and end dates and times of the rental, along with the ability to manage availability in real-time to avoid overbooking and ensure efficient planning.

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Dynamic pricing and discounts

It's important to implement a pricing system that can be adjusted according to the season, rental duration, and other specific criteria. The platform should allow for higher prices to be set during high-demand seasons and offer automatic discounts for long-term rentals, encouraging customers to extend their rental periods. Additionally, it should be possible to disable days when the service is not available, such as holidays or maintenance periods.

Secure and flexible payment

The ability to charge a percentage of the total at the time of booking, with the option to pay the remaining balance in a second installment upon product pickup, is essential to ensure customer commitment and cash flow for the business. The platform should integrate secure and flexible payment options, allowing customers to make partial payments according to these conditions with clarity and transparency in the payment process.