If you are beginning your adventure in online trading or you take time trying to your shop to grow, but you don't have much knowledge, you've come to the right place. Here we show you all the terms you should know to become an expert in ecommerce and leave everyone with the mouth open.


Hosting Web/Hosting

Web hosting, English Hosting, it is a term that refers to the service provided to users of the internet from a system for store content, information, images, videos... on a server to make accessible via the internet.


The term Average Time on Site (ATOS) refers to the average visit time each user on a web site.




QR code

QR codes (in English "Quick Response", "rapid response") are two-dimensional barcodesdeveloped by the Japanese company Denso-Wave in 1994. They are characterized by three squares found in corners and allow to detect the position of the code to the reader.

To read such codes you need a mobile phone or a device having the application corresponding (a QR code reader). They are currently widely used in advertising, magazines, business cards...


Crawl Rate Limit

The Crawl Rate Limit - or tracking speed limit -It can be defined as the number of queries per minute than Google bots they generate a site. The faster is your website, better will you index and will raise the value of the crawl rate limit.



Responsive design

Web design responsive or Adaptive It is a design technique that aims to achieve the correct display a website on different devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets.






The term Gaming It makes reference to video games and, as such, relates experiences positive, fun and playful. Some years ago is being used this kind of fun to get business benefits, both in terms of marketing, the own development of the company. This new area is what is known as Gamification and it is increasingly popular in the educational and business sector.

The gamification keys are to use the game as part of the learning strategy in order that the user is able to move and feel rewarded by achieving a goal.

In the area of marketing, gaming aims the interaction with users of the game, showing the ideals of the brand and using the media to promote products and to develop part of the communication and marketing strategy.



Geolocation is the ability to know the coordinates or location of an object: mobile phone, tablet, computer, car... Currently it is specially used in mobile and tablets and can be done through three systems:

-GPS: Through the global geolocation system formed by satellites that calculated the location of the device. It is the most efficient system.

-GMS: It refers to the global system for mobile communications used by the telephone network in general. Through the proximity to the telephone towers you can calculate the location of the phone, but it is less effective than the GPS.

-Wifi (WPS): All Wifi networks emitting a signal known as a MAC address. Knowing the MAC address of the network to which you are connected can meet the network, and, therefore, the location of the device. It is typically used when the signal GPS does not arrive properly.



Ice Cream Sandwich

In Spanish literally means ice cream sandwich. It is of the ninth version of Android for intelligent terminals (tablets and mobile phone) that was launched in October of 2011, under the name Ice-cream sandwich 4.0. It is an operating system developed by Google Inc, which was last updated in March 2015. Its predecessor was the Honeycomb version and was succeeded by the system Android Jelly Bean.





English Key Performance Indicators, key performance ooIndicadores, serves to measuring and quantifying the result of a process based on a few objectives. Ultimately they serve to measure the success of an action.




Landing Page

Also known as landing page It is a page to which a user reaches after clicking a link placed on a call to action located on another website, in a banner... The content of this type of page is usually a form where information is requested to the customer in Exchange for some sort of advantage as discounts, access to contents, etc.


Link Building

The Link Building or link building It is a marketing strategy which aims to improve the positioning SEO a website. It consists of getting inbound links)backlinks) to our site, i.e., to ensure that our website is linked by third parties and to increase as well its popularitySo not enough to achieve many links, is also important as quality, must be natural If possible, since domains with authority.


Call to action / Call to Action

They are Visual elements that are used to capture the attention user in order to convert them into potential customers or show them specific information of interest. Are usually of a button with a link to a form It is located on a landing page.





Cache memory

It refers to a type of memory for quick access that is used to reduce the charging time to certain data which are used most frequently. They are usually temporary data.


Mobile Marketing

The mobile marketing (or mobile marketing) is the set of actions and marketing techniques that are used for promote products or services using mobile devices. This aspect of the marketing has a great boom in recent years thanks to the development of smartphones and tablets and its multiple options: access to internet, mobile applications, Geolocation, personalization, email marketing, etc.



Digital publication that is sent periodically via a email subscribers of a mailing list that have previously agreed to receive such information. Usually contain information of interest to the recipient, special offers, promotions, new products...



Nomophobia, from English "non-mobile-phone-phobia" refers to the irrational fear of being without mobile phone. This dependency occurs when the subject can not have your phone because you are out of coverage, does not have battery or you have forgotten it. This situation, the person who suffers nomophobia feels isolated, resulting in symptoms of anxiety, tachycardia, obsessive thoughts, head or stomach pain that just be calm when being connected.





Term or expression that promotes the Indexing a Web page through a search engine.





The regifting consists in "return to give" gifts you have received. The current trend, more in gifts, based on sell in the market of second hand those present who have not liked or you simply don't want. Thanks to the second hand products online sales platforms, the regifting is every more popular and grows considerably in certain dates as the weeks after Christmas.



The retail term is used to designate those businesses that sell large amounts of products to different customersi.e. a sale retail. A clear example of this type of business are the supermarkets, which sell large amounts merchandise to multiple different people daily. The term opposed retail would be selling to the wholesale, also known as wholesale.



Search Engine Marketing (Search Engine Marketing), is a term that refers to the pay search engine advertising campaigns. It is based in the use of tools and strategies to increase the visibility and the accessibility of a web site through search engines.



Search Engine Optimization, also known as search engine positioning, organic SEO or search engine optimizationIt is the process to improve the position and visibility of a website in the natural results)free) of the different search engines.



In programming, the Snippets are pieces or Fragments of code it contain any functionality and that can be reused and integrated into larger modules. This term is also widely used in SEO. In this case refers to the Description a site that extract the search engines showing page of results along with the URL of the site. Snippets are of great importance in the optimization of the SEO Since Google has them in mind when positioning a web. When these small descriptions contain Furthermore pictures, stars... or other elements that complete it, are known as rich snippets.



The first time you hear it you rare sounds, SoLoMo is nothing more than a term formed from the first letters of words yes we use regularly: SOcial, LOcation and MObile. But that it designates this word? Because it makes reference to the content that we consume in the mobile or tablet and that is associated with the place where we are: we are looking for offers of nearby shops, restaurants with good reviews and the best accommodation or what we can do. Therefore, are increasingly more companies that use this system of Geomarketing to give to know their business, creating applications that allow to relate the social networks (social) with the the user's location (location) from your smartphone.

An example of this type of application is, for example, FOURSQUARE or the Place of Facebook. The operation is simple, through the GPS of our mobile know our location and offers close offers that may be of interest.



Conversion rate

Also known as CR by its acronym in English, Conversion Rate, Refers to the percentage of visits who receives your website that "convert" i.e., that they meet the objectiveNormally this goal usually sale, but it can also refer to a subscription, registration, reservation, or download.

Web traffic

Refers to the amount of data generated by visitors to your websiteboth sent as received. It depends on the number of visitors and the pages that you visit within your site.


NFC technology

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is a short-range wireless communication system It will work by proximity. Is integrating, increasingly in smartphones and tablets for improve communication between devices.

That arise for NFC technology and applications that are being developed are the payment directly from mobile, file transfer, the connection with devices wireless as speakers and headphones or identification via a mobile phone.




Biometric verification

The biometric verification refers to the identification of a person through certain unique features your body as it may be fingerprint, iris, face or voice. Currently, this type of system is used in tablets, mobile phones... as an alternative to the alphanumeric passwords.