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Calendar and reservation management

Make enrolling in your courses a simple and pleasant process. With our integrated calendar and booking management tool, your students can easily view course and workshop availability, select dates and times that best suit their schedule, and sign up with just a few clicks. We automate confirmations and reminders to ensure optimal attendance and efficient time management.

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Custom forms

Every course is unique, and so are your information needs. With our custom forms, you can create and tailor satisfaction surveys, registration forms, and online exams that perfectly fit the requirements of each training session. Facilitate the collection of essential data and enhance your students' experience with easy-to-use forms that are fully integrated into your platform.

Payment per reservation and personalized installments

We understand that financial flexibility can be crucial for both training centers and students. That's why we've incorporated advanced payment options that allow for adaptation to different needs and preferences. Our solution allows for charging an initial percentage as a reservation to secure a spot in the course, and the remainder of the payment can be made at the beginning of the course. Additionally, we offer the possibility of establishing a installment payment system, making it easier for students to access your courses without financial constraints being a barrier.

Share files and take surveys

Transform online education with a platform that not only manages but enriches the learning process. We offer an interactive experience with access to multimedia study materials between teachers and students, assessment tools to monitor progress, and satisfaction surveys to improve every day. Our solution is designed to inspire and motivate both students and teachers on their educational journey.