Prestashop Maintenance

Flexible Plan

The Flexible Plan is the ultimate solution for those seeking adaptability and customization in their ecommerce.

With this plan, you enjoy the benefits of all our services: from the efficiency of the basic plan, through advanced security, to growth strategies and marketing. Best of all, you have the freedom to expand or reduce services according to your needs, always ensuring the core efficiency of the basic plan.

It is the perfect balance between flexibility and performance, designed to evolve at the pace of your business.

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Customizable Product Catalogs

Basic Plan
Ensure your ecommerce is always up and running: proactive detection and quick resolution with our basic plan.
Growth Plan
Optimize and evolve with foresight: the growth plan paves the way for continuous improvement for your ecommerce.
Security Plan
Enhance your store's security: advanced protection for server and services with the security plan.
Sales Plan
Stand out in the market: with the Sales Plan, we boost your visibility and sales through the power of SEO and SEM.

Basic plan

PrestaShop Maintenance

The basic plan is designed for businesses looking to ensure optimal and seamless performance on their ecommerce platform.

By implementing automated bots, constant monitoring is conducted to identify potential issues before they affect your customers' experience. Additionally, in case of incidents, this plan ensures preferential resolution to keep your online store up and running.

It's the perfect choice for those seeking to eliminate friction in digital transactions and ensure smooth operation.


Plan grows

Continuous Improvement PrestaShop

Sustainable growth is vital in the world of ecommerce. With the growth plan, you not only benefit from optimal maintenance, but you also receive periodic proposals based on concrete results.

Our team will analyze the performance of your store and develop a roadmap of customer-oriented improvements, ensuring that your ecommerce is always one step ahead and adapting to the changing needs of your users.

It's a plan designed for those who believe in continuous improvement and constant evolution.


Security plan

Security Monitoring for PrestaShop

For those looking to take the security of their ecommerce to the next level, the security plan is the ideal option. This plan not only encompasses proactive monitoring like in the basic plan, but also delves into aspects related to server security and services linked to data protection.

We guarantee thorough analysis and constant updates to keep your store protected against threats and vulnerabilities.

Because the trust of your customers is paramount, make sure to provide them with a secure environment.


Sales plan

Online Marketing for Prestashop

If you're looking to maximize your sales and positioning, the sales plan is for you.

This plan focuses on marketing strategy, constantly optimizing your visibility in search engines with SEO and SEM techniques. A specialized team will continuously analyze the market, competition, and trends, ensuring that your online store is always at the forefront and attracts more potential customers.

It's the perfect plan for those looking not only to maintain their ecommerce, but to enhance it and turn it into a market leader.


In today's digital era, the success of an online store largely depends on its performance, security, and ability to adapt to the latest market trends.

AlabazWeb, a leader in continuous improvement solutions for PrestaShop, offers an exclusive service that will transform your online store into a robust, secure, and growth-oriented platform.

Performance Optimization:

We understand the importance of a flawless user experience. Our detailed analysis of your website's performance allows us to identify and effectively address any bottlenecks, ensuring fast loading times and smooth navigation.

Advanced Security:

Online security is a growing concern for digital businesses. With AlabazWeb, your PrestaShop store will be equipped with the latest security updates, protecting your business and your customers' information against any cyber threats.

Prioritized Technical Support:

We understand that time is money. That's why we offer immediate access to our team of PrestaShop experts, ready to resolve any issues and ensure minimal downtime.

Advanced SEO Strategies:

Our continuous SEO improvements are designed to increase your store's visibility in search engines, attracting qualified traffic and improving your conversion rates.

Fresh and Relevant Content:

Keeping your site updated with fresh and relevant content is key to attracting and retaining customers. At AlabazWeb, we take care of updating and refreshing your store's content to keep it attractive and competitive.

Innovation and Updated Features:

We stay up-to-date with the latest market trends to ensure that your PrestaShop store always offers a superior shopping experience, incorporating new features and functionalities that keep you ahead of the curve.

Benefits of Continuous Improvement with AlabazWeb:

  • Optimal Performance: Enhance user experience and conversion rates with a site that always operates at maximum speed.
  • Robust Security: Protect your business with the most advanced security measures.
  • Expert Support: Access a team of experts whenever you need them to keep your store running smoothly.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Increase your online presence and attract more potential customers with effective SEO strategies.
  • Constant Innovation: Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and features, always offering the best to your customers.

Why Choose AlabazWeb?

Our proactive approach and dedication to excellence allow us to offer a continuous improvement service that makes a difference. At AlabazWeb, we anticipate the future needs of your PrestaShop store, ensuring that you are always one step ahead in the competitive world of e-commerce.