WhatsApp Notify Module


Boost your PrestaShop store with our WhatsApp communication module, integrating instant and personalized notifications for a unique shopping experience

Prestashop Version: PrestaShop 8
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Why do I need this module?

Take your PrestaShop store to the next level with our WhatsApp communication module! Connect instantly with global customers with top-notch integrations with 360Dialog, Vonage and the WhatsApp Business Cloud API.

This tool integrates easily with PrestaShop and Oct8ne creating real-time communication.

Differentiate with personalized messaging using our advanced templates for alerts and special promotions and automate order status notifications to keep your customers informed.

Optimize efficiency, deliver personalized experiences and take customer interaction to a whole new level. Do not miss the opportunity to transform communication in your online store and stand out in the digital world!

Thanks to this module:

Your customers: They will feel at ease knowing that they will always be informed of any news via their mobile and will have a transparent and trustworthy shopping experience.

You: You can create a real-time communication channel that elevates each stage of the shopping experience in your PrestaShop store.

All functionalities of the module:

Integrated ecosystem with the Best WhatstApp Providers

It creates a connected environment with industry leaders such as 360Dialog, Vonage and WhatsApp Business Cloud API, ensuring fast and reliable delivery of messages globally.

Seamless connection with PrestaShop and Oct8ne

Easily integrate our plugin with PrestaShop and Oct8ne, leveraging synergy with leading WhatsApp vendors to expand your business globally safely and reliably.

Real time transactional communication

Maximizes WhatsApp's power to send transactional notifications at every stage of the order, from confirmation to shipment tracking, providing a seamless and trusted shopping experience

Personalized Messages for Brand Resonance

It stands out with personalized messages using our advanced templates for alerts. From order confirmations to special promotions, ensure consistency and relevance to improve your brand perception and customer satisfaction.

Automation of notifications of order status

Automate WhatsApp messaging by updating order statuses, keeping your customers informed in real time and improving the after-sales experience.

Authentic Resonance with Personalized Messages

Create a unique resonance with each message, whether using our pre-designed templates or customizing your own to fit any event or promotion.

Optimize efficiency and foster a personalized experience

It improves communication efficiency and provides a more personal and direct user experience. Find out how our WhatsApp module can elevate interaction with your customers and take your PrestaShop store to the next level.

Take this opportunity today to transform communication in your online store!

Currently available shipments:

  • Sending WhatsApp messages when updating order status.
  • I send WhatsApp messages to the customer about their order.
  • Sending alerts by e-mail.
  • I'm sending you a discount coupon for your WhatsApp order.
  • Sending shipping tracking on WhatsApp.

Coming up:

  • Dispatch of abandoned carts
  • Sending campaigns

*Important: a paid account with oct8ne is required to use this module