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Module to add in your Prestashop online store search filters.

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More information

Why do I need this module?

Filters are the best tool to make effective searches in your store. Your customers will find the article they were looking for in much less time, improving the usability of your online store.

Megafilter allows you to create as many search filters as you need and show the hook and page want to so is the solution for organizing the searches of all its products.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers may search the product you want comfortably and in much less time, going directly to the article you were requesting. In this way, they save time and effort and in-store experience will be much more enjoyable.

You can create as many search filters as you need, easily organize products by categories, manufacturers, suppliers, price... or any other characteristic that fits the needs of your items. In addition, you can also choose the filters will look on your online store.

All the features of the module:

It allows selective searches to your customers

Thanks to this module, customers can perform a selective search for items you are looking for, going directly to those that most interest them. In this way they will take less time to find what you seek, feeling much more satisfied of the functioning of the website, thus enhancing the image of your company.

Hidden options that do not comply with the requirements of the search

As customer goes carrying out the selection, are being removed search products that do not meet the chosen characteristics. Only products that meet the needs of the client, thus enhancing your experience at the store will be displayed in this way.

Create filters for all tastes

With Megafilter there is not a single product that suits not searches, since you can create filters of different types:

-By category

-By features

-By manufacturer

-For suppliers

-By tags

-By fields


-Text field


-Best selling

-New products

This wide variety of types of filter not only adapt to the characteristics of the products, but also to all the search criteria that customers can use.

The filter located in the hook you want your PrestaShop shop

Furthermore, Megafilter allows to choose the style and the position in which filters are displayed in your store.

You can put in filters:

-Left/right column





It applies the design you need for your filters

You can also choose the style which are the options that are included in the filter.




-Radio buttons


Create rules and hidden fields you don't want them to be visible

Megafilter also allows the creation of rules. With this option, you can disable the fields that you want when they are not needed, there is no product matching characteristics, or simply do not want to display.

Don't lose orders because your clients can not find what you are looking for. Make it easy



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From Daniel Gonzalez | 2015-03-13 11:25:32

Hola quisiera saber si este modulo puede filtrar productos entre dos atributos o características. Por ejemplo = rueda valida para modelos de seat entre 2005 y 2008.


Buenos días Daniel

Así es, puede filtrar por distintos grupos.
Si aún no ha podido ver el video, le adjunto el enlace directo para que compruebe su funcionamiento. Tendrá que añadir el filtro del grupo (por ejemplo) "Años" y activar la muliselección para que el cliente pueda elegir más de un atributo dentro del grupo "Años"

Le envio el videotutorial del módulo donde puede ver cómo funciona. Además, a partir del minuto 17.00, puede ver cómo se configura esta multiselección para que el cliente seleccione más de un atributo dentro de un grupo de filtrado

Si aún no hemos respondido su pregunta, por favor vuelva a escribirnos.
Un saludo.

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