Importer of products from Dreamlove for Prestashop module

The erotic products wholesale dropshipping Dreamlove importer module.

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Why do I need this module?

If you're thinking about starting a business of dropshipping with Dreamlove or you have a business with this provider, you will need this module.

Dropshipping is a business in which that the online store does not have physical store, but they matter for the catalog of a supplier database, so that customer can buy it from their store and receive it by the same provider. This saves money and space to the merchant is not necessary a permanent stock warehouse.

With this importer you can start selling Dreamlove products quickly and easily, since it allows you to choose which products you want offer your customers and import them directly from Dreamlove catalog, as well as modify its classification and prices.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers they will always access an updated product catalog so it will be easier to find what you are looking for.

You You can always offer your online shop all products in your inventory in the shortest possible time and in the easiest way, without configurations.

All the features of the module:

It automatically imports the catalog from Dreamlove and start selling

This module allows to automatically import the complete catalogue of products the supplier Dreamlove and its very simple configuration. From the initial import only you will need to run the import or configure one CRON task in your Hosting to make products, stocks and prices updates fully automatically. In addition, you can decide how often the cron runs and thus your prestashop store data will be always updated.

Forget about having to manually add information forever

With this module you will be able automatically import all the information of the products you need: attributes, the stock, the price, the category... and incorporate news and promotions to your catalog.

You can also choose what categories of products want to import if you do not want to include all items in your store.

Manage your own benefits

This module allows you to apply a P.V.P. price or a price plus a percentage of profit in each category, or even determine that percentage will be applied on the basis of price ranges. For example, if the price you pay to your provider for a product is €50 and indicates that the percentage of profit is 30%, the final price of that item in your ecommerce is €65. But if you want that this percentage is 25% only in the products of between 51 and €100, you will have to create a range with these data. In this way you will be solely responsible for establishing your percentages of profits and you can adjust for best performance of your business.

You can already start to sell!



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From Csilla | 2018-11-28 09:42:32

Does this app offer full automation for the ordering process? If my customer purchase a product from my store, does this app will forward automatically to DreamLove who start to prepare the box for shipping?

If the automation is working, which shipping partner will be choosed in case of dropshipping? Which options will be seen by my Customer?

If I import the products into my webshop, they get an English description. But I would like to translate them to hungarian.
When the app is synchronizing, which part of the product info will be synchronized? Only the availability in the stock or every part of the product? (I mean name, description, pictures, etc.)


Good Morning,
This module is not a shipment automation, so the module does not send the order to Dreamlove. This module is used to import the catalog of products to your store.
When the customer enters your store you will not see anything different, you will only see the products, as always.
The module allows you to import all the information of the product you want: prices, stock, images ... you can import everything or select which content you want to import and which you do not.

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