Webtrekk module for Prestashop

Module that allows ecommerce managers to boost their sales thanks to the active analytics of Webtrekk Suite.

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Why do I need this module?

One of the main objectives of Ecommerce managers is to generate more revenue, increase repurchase and generate an ever higher average purchase ticket.

However, due to the lack of knowledge of its users and customers, the effectiveness of their marketing actions does not achieve the expected result. Having a tool to understand individual patterns of user behavior is essential to achieve business objectives.

Thanks to the Webtrekk module for Prestashop, Ecommerce managers will be able to boost their online sales through the activation of personalized marketing campaigns thanks to the analytics data of their users in real time.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers will receive marketing campaigns and promotions of interest, tailored to their needs and preferences.

Youyou'll improve your users' experience in real time through multiple onsite and offsite campaign typologies.

All the functionalities of the module:

Quick Webtrekk implementation in Prestashop

Thanks to the Webtrekk module for Prestashop you only have to worry about the conceptual definition of the project and the configuration of the module.

Similarly, the module will take care of creating the data layer for you; you only have to define the parameters that you want to measure and the objective you are pursuing, in this way, you will minimize possible errors and / or technical problems that you may have and you will speed up the implementation process.

List of parameters:

- Page parameters: page name, search terms and results, url, page category

- Ecommerce parameters: product name, price, sku, EAN, currency, manufacturer, supplier, up to 6 product category levels and units added to the cart. Order data: Through Server-to-Server, the data sent are the order ID, total amount, applied taxes, discounts, shipping costs, transportist and method of payment

Other parameters: The Prestashop Webtrekk module also allows you to configure assign attributes and features of your Ecommerce to custom Webtrekk parameters.

Understand the individual behavior of your users and customers

Once you have implemented Webtrekk in your Prestashop, you will be able to know the individual behavior of your users and identify specific behavior patterns that help you speed up decision-making for your marketing actions.

Analyze the behavior of your customers in your PrestaShop store

Micro-segmentation of users and customers

You can create specific sets of users based on multiple variables: RFM and RFE models, purchase history, behavior, etc... the limit is you. In addition, you can retroactively target; linking a user's behavior in its loged state to its anonymous state.

Segment users and customers by multiple variables

Activate personalized marketing campaigns

Take personalized marketing actions in real time both inside and outside your Ecommerce.

Thanks to the variety of campaign typology, from Webtrekk Suite you can select the format, content and location that best suits the needs of your segment.

Do you want to boost sales of a specific product category? Through Reco API and Webtrekk's recommendation engine, you'll increase the visibility of the category and increase the purchase rate.

Are your users and customers about to leave Ecommerce without completing a purchase? Use pop-up campaigns or overlays to show them a last-minute discount for the product you've included in your cart.

Do you want to reward your Top Buyers with selective discounts on certain products in real time? It uses Audience API to display dynamic pricing to specific sets of users and boosts their loyalty.

Personalized marketing campaigns in your prestashop

*The cost of the module is for a annual subscription. After this time, a new license must be reacquired to continue using it.


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