Module to sell products to measure in inches, m2, m3, kg...

Module Prestashop which allows you to sell products as defined by mass, length, or volume and with hundreds of attributes without any combinations.

Linear module per M2, M3, products and decimal prestashop for sale View larger

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More information

Note: If you need the module for version 1.4 contact us by ticket from your client area, or by phone or mail [email protected]

If you measure, for sale

Jacuzzis, fruit, doors or fabrics... With Megaproduct you can sell by meters (m), square meter (m2), cubic metres (m3), inches, kilograms (Kg), etc. As well as using more than three measures (high, long, deep...) and introduce measures by millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm), Decimeters (dm), meter (m), kilogram (Kg), grams (g), foot (ft), inch ("")... everything is possible!


Bye-Bye Combinations

Links to product attributes, products from other categories or complete categories without doing the traditional combinations that increase the load time of your website.


Prices without restrictions

Prices per m2, m3, Kg, fixed prices, prices vary, prices ranges, prices based on attributes, minimum prices... All without restrictions in the calculation of the price, working up to 6 decimal places. There are so many options that we can not describe them all in a single paragraph!


Improve the design of your website

Displays the attributes differently than usual in Prestashop, using descriptions, images, buttons, and even videos that accompany the attributes. You can include any HTML element.

Megaproduct is so complete that we recommend reading characteristics below and check out our tutorials. It would surprise us if you still need some additional functionality to sell for measures, but if so contact us and we develop it! *

*(coste por programación personalizado no incluido en el módulo.) Please contact us for more details)



Usability and functionality

Don't be shy and show it all!

A catalog without limits

If you use hundreds of combinations to sell your products, now you can link attributes to your products without traditional combinations that increase the loading speed of your website. Simply use the Megaproduct "groups" tab.

This way you can show all your catalog packed with products, attributes, accessories, add-ons, etc, without making your customers wait.

In addition to saving time in your product configuration, thanks to the functionality "Copy"that will allow you to copy the configuration of a product created in Megaproduct to create a similarchanging only the parameters that are different.

You can link to your product attributes and products in other categories (or complete categories) sorted by groups. In this way, customer will display all your catalog at a glance and can choose several items or attributes at once (multi-select).

Christmas basket [demos]

Without a doubt the best way to improve conversion in your online store, is showing all of your catalog.

Is it measured? Sell it with Megaproduct

Excessive with made-to-measure products sales

Configures your products through Megaproduct and start selling your products by measures including decimals from today:

1) defines how you set up your product: by linear m, m2, m3, Kg, inches or feet.

(If your product does not require custom fields, you can configure it as"Normal" and thus benefit from the rest of the features module offers, such as link attributes without any combinations, options of design, etc...)

(2) determines how will introduce your clients measures, mm, cm, dm, m, inches, feet / g or Kg. In this way you can configure the price by m, m2, m3, Kg while your customers introduce measures in mm, cm, m, or g

(3) fixed sections (i.e. sells at fixed multiples (eg. Sell 5m 2 section. The client only choose 5 m 2, 10 m 2, 15 m 2...)

(4) or set measuring ranges (more information about ranges later)

(5) it blocks measures proportionally CUAWhen a client automatically select the high, a proportional width will be generated to the extent you have adjusted the settings, and vice versa.

To facilitate the learning of the module, included video tutorials for asesorte on the product configuration

They will just have to introduce measures in the different fields of action (long, wide, deep...) that appear next to the product as well as the amount of product they want with the same or different media.

Customize 100% adapted to your clients!

There is a limit for everything...

.. .less to your income

Fixed minimum measures / maximum of products and customize the message that appears when the client enter a measurement below or above which you have established.

It sets limits by:

-fields of measurement (width, long, deep)

-total dimensions (m2, m3...)

-sections (E.g. sold only by multiples of 5: 5 m 2, 10m 2, 15m 2...)

-ranges (E.g. ranges: 1)ER range of 1000 to 2500gr gr; 2 º range of 2500 to 3000 gr gr)

-price (by setting a minimum price for the order)

-quantity of product (sets the minimum and maximum amount that a customer will buy a product)

If the customer entered below or above the established measures, will appear a box edited by you that will inform the customer that the measures are lower or higher than those laid down. The procedure is the same whether the product is limited by sections or ranges.

And if you have set a minimum price, the customer will pay the minimum price when the chosen measures have one lower price. (Eg. If you sell a product for €2 / kg and its minimum price to order is €3, the customer will pay € 3 even if you select 1 Kg)

Products with more than three steps

Simplicity for your customers

No matter the area or the dimensions of your products. You can customize the area corresponding to your product formula (squares, triangles, circles,...) by introducing sine, cosine, number pi, etc. The module will calculate the total measure and apply the price automatically by m, m2, m3, Kg... (as you've provided)

The customer will see the total measure and the price of its product set up in seconds, even if the product has more than three measures. Simplicity and functionality in a same module more than three measures demo

Stock of measures per day

"I have no"... now also in your online store.

Sets the stock by measures so impossible to serve temporary orders will not be generated. The stock will decrease automatically based on purchases.

If the customer selects a product out of stock, will appear a box edited by you, reporting the lack of temporary stock

Days of manufacturing

Does your customer have to wait?

Likewise, you can point out day of manufacture of the product as informative data for the client.

Communicates few days manufacturing requires the configured product. I am sure that if known in advance, the wait will be more plancentera.

Its pricing policy

A single Front Office facilitates sales. Make it easy!

Some of the options to set prices with Megaproduct are:

-Price based on the total extent (€/ m, €/ m2, €/ m3, €/ Kg)

-Different prices for each custom field (high, wide, deep)

-Price ranges (1ER range from 100 to 200 cm with a fixed price of € 2 or a variable price 2€ / m2)

-Increases in the pricing by attribute: Attributes may also increase the price of the product is up to 6 different ways to do it!

If your polititca of prices is complex and is not limited to a merely judgement, could confuse your customers and to leave the cart.

For this reason, Megaproduct is designed so your customers only have to select the measures, attributes, and quantities. By very complex to be your pricing policy, your customers will not notice it.

They have the necessary information from your order broken down with the selected dimensions (length, width, height), the overall measurement (m2, m3...) and the final price.

Make it easy and not hesitate to add your order to your shopping cart.

Ranges: functional for you...

... and easy for your customers

Fix ranges is to establish intervals of measurement in order to apply different prices depending on the choice of the customer.


Example of ranges

1ER range 0 - 5m; €10 /

2. 5m - 20m range; €9 /

3ER range 20m - 50m; €8 /


Megaproduct identifies what range are the measure introduced by the client and applies the corresponding range price.

You can also combine ranges with attributes, so the criteria on the basis of the measures and the selected attribute are applied.

You can generate ranges from Megaproduct, or import files excel .csv with the necessary information

Tutorial ranges

They will only have to introduce measures and attributes. Megaproduct will do the rest.

After introducing the measures, the final price will be shown.

-If the client enters a total measure within some range, will apply the price fixed in the range

-If the client selects a full measure out of all ranks, the unit price of the product outside the ranges will be applied

-If you have set limits for ranges, the customer may not buy products whose dimensions exceed the established ranges

And if is any questions, customers will see measures and prices of each range by clicking on the button "show prices"

Prices for ranges


There are several ways to set prices for ranges:


(1) by total price:

The price is fixed in each range



1ER range (height 200cm x 200cm width) price €5

2nd range (height 200cm width 500 x) price €4


-The customer will pay € 5 so if you buy 100 x 150 x 30 80 since the measures found in the first range worth €5.

-Pay € 4 If the selected measures are part of the second rank as 200 cm x 300 cm or 400 cm x 100 cm

If the customer chooses more quantities, each additional unit will cost € 5 (provided that the measures are within the 1ER range)


(2) for the price of the measure:

The price is variable within each range depending on the total measurement (m2, m3...)



1ER range 4m 2 price: 5€ / m2

2nd range 10m 2 price: 4€ / m2


-If the customer selects 100 cm x 100 cm (1m 2) pay €5

-If you select 200 cm x 100 cm (2 m 2) you pay € 10 since the measures are in the first range with a price of 5€ / m2.


If the customer chooses more quantities, each additional unit will cost € 5 (provided that the measures are in the 1)ER range)


The process will be the same if total measurement is in the second rank, applying the price per m2 for: a choice of 300 x 200 cm (6m 2) will have a cost of € 24 since the price by overall dimensions (m2, m3...) on the second rank is of 4€ / m2


(3) for the price of the quantity measurement

The price varies in each range taking into account measurement of the product and the quantity thereof.

In this case, the total measure is equal to the measure of the product by the selected quantity (E.g. 3 m * 2 units = 6 m.) The range takes as a total 6 m)




1ER range 4m 2 price: 5€ / m2

2nd range 10m 2 price: 4€ / m2


-If the client selects 1 piece of 300 cm x 100 cm (3m 2 = 1 ° range) pay €15 (3m 2 * 5€ / m2)

-If the client selects 3-piece 100 cm x 100 cm (3m 2 = 1 ° range) pay €15 (1m 2 * 2 pieces * 5€ / m2)

-If the client selects 1 piece of 200 cm x 300 cm (6m 2 = 2 ° range) pay €24 (6m 2 * 4€ / m2)

-If the customer select 5-piece 100 cm x 100 cm (5m 2 = 2 ° range) pay €20 (1m 2 * 5 pieces * 4€ / m2)


From the last range will apply the unit price that you set on the configuration of the product. Or if you prefer you can set limits through the ranks, so that the client can not configure measures outside the established ranges


(4) for a total price of measurement

The price is fixed in each range, taking into account the measurement of the product and the amount of the same total as the range.

In this case, the total measure is equal to the measure of the product by the selected quantity (E.g. 3 m * 2 units = 6 m.) The range takes as a total 6 m)




1ER range 4m 2 price: € 5 * quantity


If the customer chooses 100 cm x 100 cm, or 200 cm x 100 cm you will pay €5. Whenever the customer chooses measures less than 4m 2 you will pay a fixed price of € 5. However, if you choose more quantities of the product, the final price will be equal to the price of the range * the destination number


From the last range will apply the unit price that you set on the configuration of the product. Or if you prefer you can set limits through the ranks, so that the client can not configure measures outside the established ranges


(5) for boxes

With this feature you can set prices by "measures boxes"

Indicates the number of meters which corresponds to a box and fixed prices per box.

If your box contains 5 meters and has a price of 3€ / box, the customer selected 2 meters will pay a box, i.e. € 3. In the case of exceeding the measures corresponding to a box, will apply the price of an extra box, so if you select 7 meters will pay €6 (2 boxes).


Prices depending on the attribute

Attributes with price

How does the price of your attributes to the final price of the product?

Megaproduct offers several features to increase the price of the product depending on the price of the attributes:

Even if the attribute has a specific price, the customer will only have to make the selection of measures and attributes. We'd like to say more, but it's as easy for customers that there is nothing more to detail

1) the price of the attribute depends on the total extent of the product (m, m2, m3)

The attribute price is multiplied by the total measurement of the product and adds to the price of the product configured by measures. Total price = (price of measure * elected stockings) + (price attribute * chosen measures)


EJ. You sell curtains with a price of 5€ / m2 and selected as material cotton (with a price of 2€ / m2). Therefore a 100cm x100cm cotton curtain, will cost €7 (action = 5€ / m2 * 1m 2) + (2€ / m2 attribute = attribute * 1m 2)


(2) the attribute depends on one or more fields of measurement (height, width, length)

Using the option "formula" you can define what is the value of the attribute based on one or more fields of measurement


EJ. If a curtain rod depends on the width of the fabric and the bar has a price equal to "the wide price * 2" just insert the formula W (width) with value of 2. In this way, the module multiplied by two the width of fabric inserted by the customer to calculate the corresponding price of "curtain rod".

Image curtains

(3) the attribute increases the price of the product with a fixed price

The attribute increases the price of the product in a fixed amount, since the attribute is independent to the introduced measures


Ex: If the client wants the Golden curtains, the "Golden" attribute will have an extra charge of € 3.50 (regardless of the selected measures)

Image curtains

(4) the attribute increases the price of the product as a percentage

The price of the attribute is a percentage of the total price of the configured product.


Eg: Attribute "anti-reflective material" of a window is priced at 10% of the total price of the window fully configured

Image curtains

Minimum price

Minimum price

You can set a minimum billing price to the customer to pay a minimum amount of money regardless of the selected means.

In this way you make sure that the customer pay a minimum price if your configuration has a lower value

Visualization of real-time price (price per ajax)

Price per ajax

Would you like to show the price of the products configured instantly? You can do so by activating the functionality 'price by ajax'

Your customers will see real time as it varies the total price according to the measures introduced. Whenever they introduce measures, the price will be updated instantly.

Transportation tariff

Invoices without surprise

Indicates how much weight unit of measure (m, m2, m3...) to implement the transportation tariff corresponding to the dimensions chosen by your customer.

If you also include attributes that increase the total weight of the product, you can add the weight of the attribute for the computation of the total weight.

The customer will know what transport rate applied. Without a doubt the best way to avoid uncomfortable surprises for the customer.

All fit in a group

The great usability of the 'Groups' tab. There are up to 5 kinds of groups that will improve the usability of your online store:


1) Groups of attributes. To link hundreds of attributes without combinations

2) Category groups. To link entire categories or products in other categories to a same product

3) Customization groups. To include more than three measures on products, enable text fields to the customer type and can send documents via Wetransfer

4) Measure groups. Improve the presentation of the fields of measurement

5) Groups tab. Sort groups in a visual and diagrammatic manner


Read on to know how each group

Unlimited combinations of attributes by "Groups"

Combinations not damage to your online store

Manage hundreds of combinations in Prestashop without problems, was impossible... so far!!

Megaproduct will allow you to make all the combinations you want without damaging your store online or load time

Thanks to the tab 'Groups' of the Megaprdouct module, you can create groups of attributes associated with your products without any combinations. It is a process that is more efficient than the usual process of combining (see tutorial)

The customer will know what transport rate applied. Without a doubt the best way to avoid uncomfortable surprises for the customer.

Most attractive attribute groups

When attributes come through the eyes out on the cart!

Show their attributes in combos, images, buttons, quantities, drop-down lists...

In addition, you can sort attributes within each group as you prefer. It is enough to select and drag the attribute that you want to position in first or last place, as well as using tabs


Improves the presentation of attributes by changing the name of the attribute group, adding descriptions of attributes, as well as adding videos and pictures, i.e. any HTML element. In addition the multi-language option, allows you to display the message in the language you prefer.

The attractive organization of groups of attributes will capture the attention of your clients and will guide them in the choice of attributes in a much more visual than the traditional way by Prestashop

Why not include a video that highlight the value of the material used in your product? better an image? If the material that you use in your products is of the highest quality, customers must know! Now you can mostar information attributes including images and videos on the same page

More products in the same product page

It encourages the purchase showing related products

Now you can also link products from other categories or complete categories in the same page. Simply select the category or products in other categories that you wish to incorporate and ready. There are no excuses to sell related products

The customer buys the product which sought, and on the same page of the product you can buy articles of other categories related to each other.

Nothing like selling a camera SLR and put USB drives on the same page without having to go out and look for other categories.

Custom messages

Texts and files wetrasnfer

With custom groups, you can enable text boxes so that your customers can write their specifications or notes, as well as to send files. These are some of the options of customization groups:


-Text boxes




-Text boxes. Your customers can write a text in a single line (Input text) or in a more TextBox (test task)

-Measure. Your customers can configure their products with more than three steps (demo of three measures)

-Combo. Your customers can choose between those messages defined by you

-Wetransfer: Now your customers can send all their heavy files, such as images of high quality, using wetransfer. WeTransfer will generate an identifier that will be added to the customer's order so that you can download files easily.

Custom custom fields

Introduce measures in the most intuitive way

It improves the display of custom fields including descriptive texts and adding custom fields together or step by step


Organization of all groups


With the option "tab" you can show groups of attributes organized and clearly as shown in the image

Image curtains

This is your store and these are your 'rules'

Avoid confusion by hiding the attributes required

It hides or shows groups of attributes and specific attributes depending on what the client select, using the function 'Rules'


There are two types of rules:

-Disable fields (is hidden an attribute or group when you select another attribute)

-Disable custom fields (is hidden an attribute or group depending on the introduced measures)

EJ. He sells timber and "painted" attribute only be chosen if the client introduces measures less than 1000 mm. When customer enter a half higher than 1000mm the attribute will be hidden. So the customer can not select the "painted" attribute.

Does your Online Shop personality? Prove it!

Rename the measures labels

Configuration without a doubt

You can edit the tags of the measures (width, long, deep, weight...) to rename it as you wish. Customize the text that appears after the measures introduced by the client (to point out that measures must be introduced in mm, cm, m, g, Kg, lb...) and the text after calculating the price (€/ m, €/ m2...)

Customers will know they must introduce measures (in, mm, cm, m, g, or Kg) as well as the way in which is billed €/m €/ m2, $/ Kg...

And if they have doubts, a help icon will guide them in the buying process.

Help and error messages...

.. .personalizados

Edit the text of the error message that appears when the client enters the wrong measures or off-limits.

You can also include videos, photographs (i.e. any HTML element) in your error messages.

You can also enter help messages in the form of a tooltip in groups and attributes. When the client passes the mouse over them the message that you have configured.

Maybe your customer bother when there is no stock or select measures to lower / higher than the established... why not include a fun photography in the error message? Your customer will not take insurance as well is so bad.

Price per ajax

Real time price for undecided customers

Would you like to show the price of the products configured instantly? Activating the functionality "price per ajax" you can do it

Your customers will see in real time as they vary the prices according to the measures introduced. Every time you introduce a new measure, the price will be shown instantly

All roads...

.. .llevan to cart

You can direct your customer to the cart in two different ways:


A) Add to cart.

* Active function "price per ajax" so the customer to see in real time how you change the price of your product to introduce various measures and click on add to cart when you are finished setting up your product.


B) The disaggregated information and add to cart


You can also choose how the itemized order information will be displayed:

-On the same page of the product

-In a modal window superimposed on the product page

A) add to the cart directly: the client configures the product and adds the order directly to the cart.


(B) obtain the disaggregated information and add to cart: customer configured product, click on calculate prices for information disaggregated on targeted measures and the total amount. Finally click on the button "add to cart"

Block of results.

The selection of the client


You can customize the block which shows all the configured product information showing the information:

-under the table of measures

-in a box that floats down the page or not show nothing.


Location of the groups of attributes (HOOK)


Choose where the groups are displayed:


Extraright: To the right of the product image

Product footer: at the bottom of the page

Product buttons: inside the box "add to cart"


And how will be displayed the attributes within each group:

-In the form of buttons

-With images

-By dropdown lists


-Both (Radio buttons)


Step by step groups...


You can show groups of attributes for the customer to see them at a glance or divide the selection of attributes or products from other categories in steps (technical wizard). You may simply indicate in how many steps are displayed the groups to complete the configuration of the product.

On the same page of the product, your customers will make click next / back to scroll through all the groups of attributes (or other products) up to the time of "add to cart"

Why not sell computers a la carte in a same product page where the components are products of a category?


Includes images of attributes for display in the "base" image of the product. When the client select an attribute, the image will automatically change.




You can hide all the elements that you don't need as a short description, images, located to the right, etc classification blocks by selecting the HTML identifier (see tutorial Megaproduct minute 14:00)


Do you need a specific funcionliad to sell for measures and believe that Megaproduct does not?
It would be surprising to us, but if it is... contact us and we develop it!*
*(coste por programación personalizada no incluido en el precio deel módulo.) Please contact us for more details)



Consultation in our demos how sell products that are configured by:

-Units of mass

-Units of length:

·Linear (m)

·Two-dimensional (m2)

·Three-dimensional (m3)

·Multidimensional (more than 3 measures)

-Units of volume

-Infinity of attributesin the quantity desired of each of them, without slow load your store

-Combinations of different attributes whose final design You can show with images

-Attributes that impact or not in the final price of the product, with the possibility of creating ranges for this impact

-Dependent attributes of other o independent.

-Multiple selection of products and attributes.


* Configuration option + video: previously a plus the difficulty of the product set up and the time required.

* So that the module can display in mobile, you must use a template responsive and, in addition, turn off mobile view on the subject.

If you work with importers or have to compulsorily use PrestaShop attributes, consult us previously.



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From FREDERIC BLAY | 2021-07-09 12:29:16

Buenos días,

Es posible vender con decimales con este módulo?

Me refiero a que si tengo un artículo que se vende por kilos y el precio es por kilo si por ejemplo el cliente puede comprar 1,759kgs o si también podemos configurar una cantidad mínima de venta de 1,350 kgs por ejemplo

Muchas gracias

Muchas gracias


Buenos días,
Sí, con este módulo puedes vender productos por decimales.
También puedes indicar la cantidad mínima y máxima que puede comprar el cliente e indicar, por ejemplo, que solo pueda comprar en rangos de 100g en 100 gramos.
Aquí tienes algunos productos de venta por kg configurados con el módulo:

From Jessica | 2020-09-15 08:52:42

Buenos días:
En mi tienda vendemos distintos productos, algunos normales, otros se deben vender por m2. ¿sería compatible para el resto de productos que tenemos en la web? Estos productos normales, se subirían del mismo modo que hasta ahora los hemos subido?


Buenos días Jéssica,
Megaproducto sólo afecta a los productos que se configuren dentro del módulo, pero no al resto del catálogo.
Los productos que no se vendan por metros cuadrados continuarán funcionando de la misma manera que sin el módulo y se podrán subir y configurar como siempre.

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