Reservations module and selling services for Prestashop

Module to make reservations in your Prestashop store, ideal for hotels, restaurants, clinics, museums, travel and car hire...


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More information

Why do I need this module?

If you have a country house, a hotel, a car rental company, you are a dentist or lawyer... This is your module. With Megaservicios you can offer your services on the internet easily, allowing your customers to choose the date of an event, a function of theatre, or an appointment. You can also select different options as the type of menu in a restaurant, the number of adults and children, in the hotel reservation...


Thanks to this module:

Your customers You can select date, day and time, check the price and availability of the event as well as payment. In addition you will receive a ticket with all the booking and order information by e-mail and on the invoice

You you will have full control and you can manage all these options from the Back Office of your Prestashop store: enable / disable dates and days (e.g. "Service not available on Saturday and Sunday" or "service not available from January to February); set different prices for days, dates, hours, attributes; limit the event by capacity; the design template that will receive the client with the information of your reservation; view and manage the capacity from a calendar administrator.



Latest demos added (check the functionality in versions v.7.0):

Try the demo of the latest version here.

And check out how to make the settings in this post:


All the features:


1 availability and reservations

Is your business available every day? Including Saturdays and Sundays? With this module you can configure the availability of your business


Disable days:

Disable the days in which your products (hotel rooms, rides bike, etc) will not be available. It may be a single day, a week, a month, weekends or weekdays.



In this demo Mondays and Tuesdays are disabled.


Allowed days:

In this feature you can indicate the days or specific dates that your service will be available. If you have a Theater Hall and a function will only be available during the month of April, with this module you can configure it.

The example of this demo only permitted reservations from Wednesday to Sunday.


Minimum/maximum of days:

To configure the days you can specify a minimum and a maximum of days customer must select to have your services. In other words, if you have a cottage and wants in July the minimum booking is 3 days and maximum of 5, with this module you can do so.

In the demo , the exposed example is that from June 1 until September 30, the minimum reserve is five days and maximum of 10.


Days a week from home of the reserve:

To indicate the day of the week in which necessarily have to start booking. For example, if we have a hotel and reservations in August to be one week from Wednesday, we will indicate that the day of arrival at the hotel during that month should be Wednesday, as shown in this demo.


Days of the week of completion of reservation

To mark the day of the week that customers must complete the reservation of your services. For example, if you have a hotel and want your customers finish booking a Sunday, you will just have to indicate it. This option, combined with the previous one, will serve to indicate the maximum time of stay.


Date by attribute:

To indicate a date default based on an attribute. That is, depending on the attribute you select customer, available dates will be one or other. For example, if you run a theater with different representations depending on the work that the customer wants to see, is displayed by default a date or another.

In the case of the example,According to the film you choose, it will be available for one or the other day.


Check availability:

Check the availability of products thanks to the availability tab. In this way you can check the number of bookings of any given day, the number of seats available for a given date, etc.


In this example, We have decided that services are available during weekends and the capacity is 50 people per session per day.

It is possible that the client can also see this information if you decide to put in your store a schedule of availability (more later).


Telephone bookings:

Megaservicios also allows you to manually enter the reservations that are made by phone. In this way the number of services available will automatically adjust once introduced these data.

2 design options


Multiple design options: You can modify default text, the display of attributes, extra information with pictures and videos.


Web viewing:

Modifies the features of your store, hidden elements on the web you don't want to show, displays a calendar of availability so that customers check the price and availability of the service.



-Only calendar: will be used for specific dates. Example here


-Two calendars: the best option when the client has to indicate ranges of dates. Example here


-Calendar-days: A calendar is displayed to select a start date and a days field to indicate the number of days that will reserve the product or service. Example here


-Without calendars: Does not appear any timetable. This option is used when the service is available only a certain day. For example, a concert which is only one night. Example here


-Availability calendar: This calendar shows the number of services there each day and those who are yet available. Example here


Date selected by default:

This option allows that day that will make the reservation already appears on the page. It is used for events that only take place on a specific date. When this happens it is often combined with the option to not show calendar. For example, in this demo, the films are only projected a certain day.



Hour of reservation:

Thanks to the creation of timeslot (time span) You can manage so many ranges of time as you need to adjust to the needs of your services. If you have a clinic and you can attend a patient every half hour, creates half an hour timeslot in half an hour from the start until the end of your day. IE will create a range of 9 to 9:30 in the morning, another 9:30-10, and so on. In this way, when customer make the reservation of the service, you can choose the time that best suits your needs and depending on the availability.

Demo: Here the bikes will be available from 10:00 to 10:30 am and 16:00 to 16:30 in the afternoon.


Hours: So the customer can select timeslot that wants to perform reserve service, for example, to watch a movie.


In this example the customer can choose if you want the entries for the 18-hour session or of the 21.



From Megaservicios, you have the option to indicate if you want that the client can see the availability of a service or not. If so, you have several options to do so:

-You can add an availability button to bring up a calendar of availability when customer click on it. Availability and price will appear or only the price of the service. You can also directly add a calendar of availability with the choice of the type of calendar that you want to display.





In this demo, lOS services are available during weekends and the capacity is 50 people per session per day.



You can select if you want to add a picture of quantity, where the customer will indicate the number of services that you want to hire. It is very effective in the event that sell, for example, tickets of film, for a concert... or to indicate the number of days of stay at a hotel, etc. Example here



The price of the reservation of your services can be displayed in different ways:

-On the right side of the screen, as buttons. Ver here

-Price for Ajaxthe price is calculated and updated automatically according to the options that the client is selecting. See here


Block of results:

This option allows the user to get a summary of the services selected in the same page of the store, without having to go to the cart to check the chosen options. The results can be displayed fixed on the page itself, in a floating window or not display.



3 attributes for any option

The creation of attributes allows that this module meets all the needs of your business, whatever. You can create as many attributes as you need to cover all the options and combinations of services you offer on your website.

To do this, we must take into account that the first step is to create these attributes and their values in Prestashop.

One of the important issues that we have to point out here is how we want to display this attribute is our page. We can choose between drop-down list, color or option button. Keep in mind that if you want to display an image, for example, you must choose the type of color attribute.


When the attributes and their values are created, you can create groups of attributes for display on the web or manage the price of your services through the combination of attributes.


In this demo, According to attributes that customer (number of people, type of room and/or diet) choose the room price will vary.


Prices can be adjusted using the following options:

  • Fixed price

  • Daily price

  • Percentage

  • Minimum price

  • Total fixed price

  • Services

  • Services cart

  • Date by default: in the case of the example, Depending on the chosen film, will be available for one or the other day.

4. Management by groups

The creation of groups will allow you to show different options in your online store, modify the style of your site and adapt it to your needs.


Attribute groups


One of the most used options will be the creation of groups of attributes, as it will allow the customer choose the option that best suits your needs.

If you have a restaurant, you can create an attribute of type menu and include menu of adult, child, suitable for coeliacs, etc. Thanks to groups, you can choose how displays these options on your website; with an image, buttons, combo or a drop-down list.


Macintosh HD:Users:irisdonosoleon:Desktop:megaservices manual capturas:Captura de pantalla 2015-03-31 a las 9.13.46.png

In this case, the room type is displayed as images, the type of pension as a drop-down list and the type of restaurant-style buttons.


You can also choose if you can select more than one option, if there is a selection of minimum or maximum, if you want to show the label attribute as well as the size of the image, where it is an attribute of type color. You can also set if it is a separate attribute or combined with others.


Calendar groups

The group management also allows the creation of the type of calendar that will appear in your online store. We can choose between:


-Calendar-days: The calendar will be displayed and just below the box so that customer indicates the days you want to subscribe to the service. See example


-Calendar and hours: The calendar will be displayed and under ranges of hours available for the day specifically chosen. See example


-Quantity: With this option will show a quantity box. It is the same as that can be configured from the General options. It will be used when service is not contracted by days but by quantities. For example, when what they're selling are tickets. See example


-Availability: An availability box appears. You can also configure the General options. See example



Customization groups


Another option offered by groups is the create groups of customization, where you can choose between various options as they adapt to your needs. You have the option of choosing a field of personalization with an area of text or text input, where the customer can add information manually. For example, you can create a text input field for customer indicate special needs, comments, etc. You can select to be a required field or not be it. If you choose to be, the customer not accessible cart until does not provide the necessary information.


In this example There are two fields of personalization. The name and surname, which is obligatory, and another remarks that it is not.


Macintosh HD:Users:irisdonosoleon:Desktop:Captura de pantalla 2015-03-31 a las 12.07.52.png

Macintosh HD:Users:irisdonosoleon:Desktop:Captura de pantalla 2015-03-31 a las 12.23.24.png


Groups by category


You can also create a group by categories. Same as the above, but depending on the categories you have created in your Prestashop store will be configured.

With all these groups, Megaservicios will create a table in which you can modify the position of the groups. In this way, you can receive some options appear above others in your store.

Here you can see how we have organized the order of the groups so that they appear in our shop:



As seen in the image, the order of the elements is exactly the same that we have marked in the table above. First appears the calendar, followed by the quantity box and then customizing full name field. Then there is the type of pension and restaurant to choose. In this way you can change the style of your page so that it adapts to your needs.

The advantage of setting these options from the groups is that you can choose the position occupied in the window with respect to the other elements, i.e., if you want the calendar to appear above or below the type of room or Board that has to choose the client.


Customize labels:

Thanks to Megaservicios, it is now possible to indicate a specific text to the date of beginning or end of the reserve, for days, or for the price of your products. Example, instead of the tag days, you can change the text by "how many days will be with us?"

Messages unique for each product:

Megaservicios also offers the possibility to change error messages and add texts custom at the beginning or at the end of each product page.

The example of this demo you entered a text with a telephone customer service.



5. a price for every situation

You can configure a just price (example: movie ticket €5) or configure different prices according to the following parameters:


Fixed price:

With the fixed-price option, you can specify a permanent price, regardless of the day or hours of the reservation. You can also adjust this value type for a specified period of time.

In this demo, the price of the ticket is always €6.05


Variable rates per hour:

Inserts a single price for all hours or different prices according to the selected time. For example:

Product: Film entry

Passes to the: 17:00 h, 18:00 h, 19:00 h will have a price of €8,

Passes to the: 20:00 h, 22:00, 21:00 h will have a price of €10

Depending on the configuration of the hours and the price made in the administration of the module, customer will only have to select your pass and you will see the final price.

In this example, the pass from 18:00 hours costs €18.15 and 21:00 hours, €24.20.


Variable price per day:

You can also change the price of your product or event days ranges. For example:

Product: Hotel on the beach room

Low season (January - February) 30€ / day

Mid season (March - May) 50€ / day

In this demo, the ticket price is cheaper for Thursday for the rest of the week.


Fixed price per day ranges:

This type of value to specify fixed prices of a product based on the number of days that the customer hires. For example, if you have a hotel and the customer reservation from 1 to 3 days, the price is €150 euros and if it is made of 3-7 days, the price is €250.


Price by attributes:

You can create as many attributes as you want without any traditional combinations of Prestashop can impair the loading of your website, and set different prices.

Creates groups of attributes and attributes such as:

Room type: single, double, double with a child

Type of pension: half board, full Board, all inclusive

Menu type: adult, child...

Megaservicios offers the option of setting different prices according to the selected attribute, so that the total amount of the order will include the price of these attributes and will vary depending on the customer's selection.


The price for a single room is € 20 (from Monday to Friday) and € 30 (weekends). But in August the price is €40. The room includes half board, room price increases €10.

As you can see the possibilities they are endless, and once created these attributes, you won't have to worry about changing prices.

Check how vary the price of the room depending on the type of room, type of pension and restaurant chosen in this demo.


Minimum price:

The module also allows you to specify the minimum price that a customer will have to pay for your services, regardless of the other attributes you select (type of menu, accessories, etc...)

The example developed in this demo, the minimum price is €18.15.


6 capacity or services for every moment

Do you have a hotel but one plant is in the works?, one of your movie theater projectors have broken?, one of the masseuses at your clinic is sick? These and other thousands of situations that can occur on a daily basis will modify the number of services you have available in your business.


Capacity per hour:

Thanks to the creation of timeslot (ranges of hours) you can create so many passes or hours as you need and limit the number of services and capacity by passes.

Example: In a theater room, you have three sessions or passes:

Go to 16:00 hours, maximum capacity 50 persons

Skip to 20:00 hours, maximum capacity 100 people

Skip to 00: 00 hours, maximum capacity 100 people

In this way, the web will not allow select passes for those sessions that have exceeded the capacity, by informing the customer that the pass is no longer available.

In this example, the capacity is 150 persons in 18:00 hours and 100 pass on the pass from 21:00.


Capacity for days:

You can also select the number of services you have available for days. For example, rental of bikes with capacity for 30 people (or orders) per day.

Alternatively, you can modify the number of services in a given time. If you have a restaurant and in summer has an outdoor dining area, for example, you can increase the capacity from June to September.

In this demo from June to August we will have available two rural houses while the rest of the year there will be only one.

7 showing and hiding elements

There are always elements that are not necessary for your store or for certain services or simply options that are not compatible with each other. In these cases, and to avoid confusion, the best is that they are not visible to our customers.


Hidden items:

This module also allows you to hide any element on the page such as the price, the amount field, images. To do this just add the html ID of that element.


Rules to limit the options:

Thanks to the rules, it is possible that one or more attributes disappear from the options depending on our needs. There are two types of rules.

Visible only if: the creation of this rule makes it possible that we can choose certain attributes so that they are displayed only in certain circumstances. For example, if we have a movie theater, we can choose the option of one of the rooms is only showing in a particular film.

In this example, entry for children option is visible only if you choose children's films.


Disable fields: on the other hand, this rule allowing is to eliminate attributes that we do not want to appear in a certain moment.

The example of this demo, the kind of restaurant does not appear when the client chooses the room only option.


This is a clear example of a rule to disable fields. In this case, when the client choose to book room only, excluding meals, disappears the choice of restaurant. On the other hand, if you choose full Board or half board, Yes appears.

8. the client receives the information of your order


Templates for tickets and emails:

Since this option you can configure templates of reserve for each product or emails from order sent to the customer and that are assigned to the change in status in Prestashop. Later in the product itself can establish that ticket you want to send and when to do it.

There are two types of templates: product and order.


Product type templates generates information about a product purchased by the customer. Used to create tickets, hotel reservations tickets... To do this, once generated the template, in each one of the products there is a section in the General options to indicate what type of template to use. We can choose between generating an only quantities ticket or a ticket for each of the services purchased, i.e., if a customer buys two tickets to the movies, can create a ticket that includes two entries or generate two tickets with a ticket each.

Order type templates are emails that sent Prestashop default when order goes through certain States. Therefore, we can choose the data of an order that you want to appear in the email as the name and the address of the client or the information of the chosen products. Once generated the template, you can assign it to a specific order status. For example, we can create a template that is send to the client once the payment has been accepted.

While the templates are generated in html, the specified variables are replaced by General characters automatically. In this way, it is very easy to customize templates and adapt them to each client. It is also possible to include bar codes and QRs. In addition, these templates are generated automatically in pdf.



Users can download these files from the email that is sent to or from the order history of your personal space in the store.



In addition, you can create different templates to create invitations. This way you can send invitations of your events with a validation, just like a normal input code, and with the same options. You can also create a different template from email If you want to join to the invitation.


URL validation of tickets:

You also have the option to enter a code to your customers so that they validate the ticket that has been sent to them. This code must be entered in a web address, also indicated to the customer.



9. Don't waste the time and twice the product configuration

Save time and copy the configuration from a product and modify those features that are different.

Import files:

This option allows you to import the attributes settings easily from an Excel file.

Copy the contents a configuration of one product to another:

Days, hours, attributes... WHAT YOU WANT. Forget about having to make the same settings over and over again.


10. More advantages


+ 1 end date:

With this option it is possible to indicate, to each product, if the end date of the service is the same day or the next day. This will depend on the type of product that is reserved. It is very useful for services such as the reservation of one night's hotel, departing the next day, or the rental of a vehicle.



Through the Cron tab, you can add different links depending on the needs of our shop. For example, we can add the option 'remove the carts' i.e. indicate make every x days cleaning of those carts that have remained abandoned. It is also possible from this tab "delete blocked services", i.e., put some time booking of a product. Thanks to this option if a product has been added to the cart but purchase has not be completed, last while we have indicated (e.g., 30 minutes), product will be available in the store for another client.


And the result?

If you want to check the performance of our module, you can visit the new Megaservices demo that facilitate you management of reserves and the sale of services from your Prestashop store.

You can also see the explanatory videos of the product in the following configuration directions and check the demos with the latest module updates.


* Coming soon Microsoft will no longer support the browser Internet Explorer. For this reason no we cannot be responsible for as it is displayed in the browser module.

* So that the module can display in mobile, you must use a template responsive and, in addition, turn off mobile view on the subject.

* Starting from 06/05/2015 this single module will be available for versions 1.5 and 1.6. If you need the module for version 1.4 Please contact us by ticket from your client area, phone, or [email protected]



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From Pablo Mendez | 2020-09-01 21:42:51

en el componente se habla de la funcionalidad para reservar mesa en un restaurante, por lo que quería entender cual de las funcionalidades de los ejemplos es el que mas se acomoda. Queremos poder hacer reservas en diferentes locales del mismo restaurante, donde se mencionan nr de personas, elegir menu, elegir local, fecha y hora. Este componente soporta la funcionalidad de marketplace para prestashop??


Buenos días,
Con el módulo tienes dos opciones: crear un producto para el restaurante y atributos para establecer los diferentes locales o bien, crear un producto diferente por cada local.
Si lo haces de la primera manera el producto será mucho más complejo y deberás establecer precios, horarios y disponibilidad por cada atributo, pero es viable de ambas formas.
¿Cada persona podrá elegir su menú o será general para todos? ¿tendrás un límite de personas por cada reserva?
En general el módulo cumple con todo lo que indicas pero habría que tener todos los detalles para poder valorar si necesitas algo más.

From Miguel | 2020-06-04 10:27:30

Buenos días, estaría interesado en vuestro producto pero tengo un par de dudas, ya que no he encontrado una demo para poder verla y realizar alguna prueba desde el backoffice.

Hasta donde he visto, creo que se podría hacer que para una web (estética) se puedan realizar reservas limitando días y horas (por ejemplo, sólo por las tardes y entre semana).

Pero si yo tengo varios servicios que tienen distinta duración (peeling 20', mascarilla 40', etc.) ¿se pueden configurar los distintos productos desde el módulo para que si un cliente reserva el Martes de 15.00-15.40, el resto de productos sólo tengan disponible ese Martes de 15.40 -20.00? Y si otro cliente reserva de 15.40-16.00, que ahora sólo esté libre de 16.00-20.00.

Gracias de antemano, un saludo.


Buenos días Miguel,

Efectivamente con este módulo puedes gestionar las reservas de un centro de estética, limitando los horarios y los días disponibles para la reserva.

Si tienes varios servicios distintos con diferente duración tienes dos opciones: o bien configurar esos servicios dentro del mismo producto usando atributos, indicando el tiempo de cada uno de ellos (con el módulo es posible). Puedes verlo aquí:

O bien crear dos productos distintos compartiendo el calendario, para que la disponibilidad de ambos sea la misma y que cuando un cliente reserve un servicio de peeling a las 9:00 tampoco pueda reservar el servicio de mascarilla a esa misma hora.
El producto anterior y este comparten el misma calendario:

Además si tienes más de una persona trabajando, puedes indicar que por cada hora se puedan reservan tantos servicios como empleados, de manera que sea mucho más fácil de gestionar todo.

También puedes aplicar diferentes precios por días, horas, permite crear campos de texto por si el cliente tiene que dejar alguna observación o sus datos...

Si tienes cualquier otra duda quedamos a tu disposición.

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Por el 13 March 2019 (Reservations module and selling services for Prestashop) :

Very useful

I am very happy with this module. I bought it for a client who owns a small hotel and he is delighted.
I will surely buy for other clients.

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