Importer for Prestashop of products according to their databases


Module that allows to import, configure and automatically update the catalog according to the databases of suppliers* in Prestashop. 

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Why do I need this module?

Although people think that an online store, takes a long time and effort so that everything works as you want. They are many hours of configurations, improved, imports... to offer your clients the best view of your business. For this reason, any module that serve to automate some of those tedious processes may be helpful. And that's what gives you MegaImport because with this module, you can import all products from your suppliers according to their databases

Thanks to this module:

Your customers you will always enjoy a product catalogue updated with news, stock, etc, always a day.

You You can have your store always up-to-date without having to be aware of to perform an import whenever there is a change in your provider data.


All the features of the module:

A supplier, a configuration

This module is specially developed to integrate your current ERP data in your PrestaShop store. AlabazWeb will take care of the custom settings to ensure perfect compatibility between your ERP file and module *. In this way, we make sure each module to meet 100% of the needs of each provider and that you, as the Manager of the store, don't have to worry about absolutely nothing.

Automate updates and forget

The importer module adapted to your needs * allows you to create a template and set a Cron task to import and/or the updates occur automatically (twice a day, every day, every 15 days...).

The module can be adapted to any type of csv file and also allows to call a file online.

Adaptation to your ERP

If you are interested in purchasing this module, please contact us before ordering to give us more information about your ERP. We will solve all your doubts and configure the module so that you don't have to worry about anything. Catalogue, products, stock... all updated and linked to your PrestaShop store.


* Note (personal adaptation not included in the module. Please contact us to give us more information and send you a quote adapted to your database)