Module to display attributes and characteristics of items in product listings


This module allows you to offer Home and the rest of the product listings in your PrestaShop store products with the custom features and attributes you want, and that users can buy them directly

Prestashop Version: PrestaShop 8
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Why do I need this module?

Are you tired of stores where you have to browse and browse to find the product you are looking for? How to compare multiple items you're interested in becomes an uncontrolled number of tabs that open and close? Where when you finally choose everything you need you have to start over because the session has expired and your cart has been deleted? Well, you don't allow this to happen in your store and offer your customers a simple, fast and effective shopping experience With InfoProductList-Pro. With this module you will be able to show in the home and in the product listings of your store the characteristics and attributes of your items and show discounts by quantity, allowing customers to select the option and the amount they need, and they'll be able to add items to cart directly, without having to enter the product page itself.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers they will be able to compare all the features of your products from the product pages, select the attributes and quantity they want to buy from an item, and even add the items they want to the cart without having to move from the home page of your shop.

You you'll be able to choose which features and attributes you want to display in your products and adapt them depending on the item.

You can see all the options for this module in the following demo

All the functionalities of the module:

All the information on one page

InfoProductList-Pro allows you to show all the features and attributes your products on the same page. Thanks to this, your customers will be able to compare several products quickly and easily, without having to open several tabs or browse countless pages.

with infoproductlist pro all the product information will be at a glance

More visibility

With this module you will be able to choose which attributes and features your products you want Show at the start of your store. This way you can highlight the advantages of your products and your customers will be able to know them at a glance.

The configuration of this module will be done by means of rules. Depending on the information they display in the product, there are two types of rules:

  • Attributes

  • Features

You can create as many rules as you need based on the information of your products and the data you want to show.

Discount by amount always in sight

Do you want to reward with discounts customers who buy the most product? With this module it is very easy, you only have to indicate the specific prices by quantity in PrestaShop and create a type rule Quantity of product. In this way the customer can add directly to the basket the amount of product that he wants by clicking on the cart icon and knowing the discount he will receive depending on the number of items he buys.

you can apply a discount based on the quantity of product that the customer selects

If the customer accesses the product page, they will also see the unit price based on the quantity of product they purchase:

the customer will know the discount they receive when buying more amount of the product

Set the boundaries

Setting the rules will allow you to select the maximum number of attribute groups and features you want to display as well as the categories where you want the information to be seen. This will allow you to select the amount of information that you want customers to see in the product listings in your store.

you can choose the category pages where you want the attribute and feature information to be displayed

Quantity, yes, no and how?

In the attribute type rules you can also choose whether you want customers to be able to select the amount of product they want to purchase from the list of products in your PrestaShop. In addition, you can also select whether you want the plus and minus icons or just the imput to be displayed.

No amount

Quantity with icons + and -

Only imput

attributes and characteristics are displayed but the customer cannot choose the amount

the user will be able to choose the quantity of the product by clicking on the icons of + and -

the customer will be able to select the quantity they want from the product from the list

Buy in one click

With this module the purchase process is much faster as it will not be necessary for your customers to move from the home or product list to add an item to their cart. From the home page of your store, your customers will be able to select the attributes and quantity of product they want, as well as view its features and promotions by quantity. Once you have selected the options you want, simply click the add to cart button.

With all these options you will be able to speed up your customers' purchases. That way they save a lot of time and they'll thank you.