Module to allow the automatic sending of orders with AwOrderSend Dropshipping


Plug-in module AwOrderSend that will let your customers automate the sending of orders to your store with PrestaShop dropshipping

Prestashop Version: PrestaShop 8
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Why do I need this module?

If you want to facilitate the task of your dropshipping customers allowing them the option to automate shipping for all orders that are made to your store, you have it easy because you only need to install AwOrderFeed, the perfect complement AwOrderSend that they can automate the process.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers You can automate the process of sending orders to your store, saved time and effort. They also ensure that all orders are carried out and they can offer a better service to the customer.

You You can differentiate dropshipping with a different State orders to have all those orders under control in the most simple way and you can offer your customer a faster and more efficient way of working.

All the features of the module:

It offers your customers more free time

It offers your customers the ability to automate the process of shipping products. This will make that save time, but also feel more satisfied with their work. In addition, you can be sure that never forget an order and that will be done instantly, so the customer will also have a better experience with your purchase. Your PrestaShop store always under control

With AwOrderFeed, In addition to offering advantages to your customers, also you get benefits, since you can specify What state you want the drop ship customer orders, generated Thus differentiating them from the rest of orders that are made to your store.

In this way, when the order made the State indicated by your seller for shipping, you will receive it automatically in the State that you want and you can prepare it and send it in much less time and in a more organized way.

In addition, within the tab Orders the module you have all the information in the order received with id, reference, total cost, and the date:

list of all the orders shipped automatically with awordersend and received aworderfeed

Your customers will always be informed

Your customers, thanks to the AwOrderSend plug-in, will be able to always controlled orders since they can view every movement from the Administration, by which you also won't have to manually that have sent the order, inform them that the client has received it, etc. They just have to access the order from his administration and will find all the information:

all the changes you make may be checked by the customer

Cancel the order

In addition, with AwOrderFeed also you can configure in which State of the order the client or vendor drop ship will be able to cancel the order you have made.

indicated in that State want to store orders received and in that State will allow you to cancel

Do not hesitate and start enjoying all the benefits of AwOrderFeed and recommend to your customer AwOrderSend so that together you can make your job a little easier.

Your shop dropshipping from scratch

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in praise we offer you all the necessary modules to simplify the process of setting up a dropshipping store