Modulo para guardar carritos por el cliente y reutilizarlos posteriormente


Module to allow the customer to save their carts, retrieve them and generate quotes from your PrestaShop store.

Prestashop Version: PrestaShop 8
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Why do I need this module?

With the AWSaveCart module you can allow your customers to save their cart so they can retrieve it later without having to be registered as customers in your PrestaShop store. You can also download your cart in PDF or DOC as a budget

Thanks to this module:

Your customers they can create their shopping carts with the products they want from your store and upload them to complete the purchase when they need it from their customer area or from their email if they are not registered. You can also download that cart in PDF or DOC to get a budget quickly and easily

You you'll make it easier for your customers to buy because they can manage their carts whenever they want and retrieve them when they finally want to order. You can also offer quotes without having to make any extra documents and without having to send them, since users can create their own files and download them.

All functionalities of the module:

Save and Recover Carts Easily

With AWSaveCart, we guarantee that no customer will lose their cart. They can save and manage their carts from the customer area, simply by adding products and assigning them an identifier name. From the administration, you have control over the visibility of the "Save Cart" button and the management of duplicates or basket cleaning after the saved.

Configuración Guardar Carrito

From the customer area, your users can confirm carts, reload their content to the cart or generate PDF documents to consult whenever they want.

Recuperar Carrito

Sends cart by email, even to unregistered customers

It makes it easier to send quotes to unregistered customers. It complies with GDPR by requiring acceptance of the privacy policy to receive the email. Customize email design and content from administration for a professional presentation.

Enviar Carrito por Email Diseño Email

Generate budgets with a simple click

It gives your customers the ease of creating budgets. With just one click on "Print Cart", you can generate a document that you can save or print whenever you want. From the administration, configure the generation of PDF or DOC files according to your preferences.

Imprimir Carrito

Combine with SuperUser for advanced management

Further optimize your sales process by combining AWSaveCart with our module Superuser. What. It accesses customer accounts, saves carts and simplifies budget management for registered customers. It saves time and improves efficiency in every transaction.

Área de Cliente

Don't wait any longer to take advantage of all the benefits that AWSaveCart can offer your store. Optimize your buying process and take customer satisfaction to a new level!