Module to set minimum amounts of product according to customer groups

Module that allows you to set a minimum amount of purchase of products to a specific group of users.

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More information

Why do I need this module?

We are confident that there are products that you get not profitable to sell below a certain amount within your catalog customer groups (for example, to a company with which you have reached the agreement that you do not charge transport), or that certain products is safer to carry them in their original packaging, but within it are several units of product...

To solve both problems we have developed the minimum module MegaMinQuantity According to groups of customers, which allows you to choose what minimum quantity You can buy certain customers or indicate that they can only be bought multiples of the minimum amount.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers you will receive products in the original packaging, ensuring the correct reception thereof.

You you do that your sales are profitable for you and save you the time that you should invest in making the new packages.

All the features of the module:

Sets the minimum amount to get more benefits

Do not you find it profitable to sell only one unit of an item? With the module MegaMinQuantity can set the minimum amount of each item that customer can purchase in your online store.

In addition, you can set what customer groups This rule affects them if you do not want to be active for all. You just have to follow the following steps:

1) create customer groups in Prestashop.

(2) indicates the minimum amount of purchase on the tab of the product in PrestaShop. If the product is combinations you will need to apply the minimum amount of each of them independently.

sets the minimum amount of purchase of a product with megaminquantity

(3) access to the MegaMinQuantity module configuration and select which groups of customers shall apply the restriction of minimum quantities.

applies the settings to the groups you want and set multiply the minimum amount

Don't break the packs. Sells only multiples of the minimum amount

If you have products that come in packages and you can not sell them separately, the MegaMinQuantity module also allows you to set the option of multiples of the minimum amount. In this way, if the minimum amount of purchase of a product is 4, the client only available 4,8,12,16... units and so on. In the event that the product is combinations, you can apply different minimum amounts to each of them.

To set this option select "Yes" from the dropdown menu of "Multiples quantity minimum" option in the module configuration.

Start now to enjoy the benefits of this module. It is very simple but you will have great results.


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From Patricia | 2020-05-18 11:30:08

El módulo actúa en masa, tengo 20.000 productos, con distintas cantidades mínimas que necesito que sean múltiplos ¿tengo que ir producto a producto?. Hay alguna manera de indicar que todo sea múltiplo???


Buenos días,
El módulo actúa de la siguiente manera.
En la página del producto en PrestaShop debes establecer la cantidad mínima de compra, por ejemplo 3 unidades. (esto debes indicarlo en todos los productos)
Después en el módulo puedes activar o no los múltiplos. Si activas esta opción se activa para todos los productos. Desde el módulo puedes elegir si quieres que todos los grupos de clientes tengan activa la función de múltiplos o solo algunos grupos de clientes.

From Domenico D'Alessandro | 2020-01-24 12:40:21

Hi all,
is there a demo version of your plugin?
If it works as looks I'd need several copies of it
Please let me know asap


Good Morning,
This module is very simple. You should only apply in each product the minimum quantity that can be purchased from each product.
Then in the module you can choose if you want to activate the multiples, that is, if the minimum quantity is 5, if you can then buy 6,7,8 ... or you have to buy 10,15,20... units.
You also have to choose which groups this setting affects.
Here you can see the front office:
If you now identify yourself as a user with the following credentials you will see that the configuration is no longer applied:

[email protected]


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