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Whether you're thinking about starting a new business online as if you already have experience in this sector but want to improve, is the perfect place. From AlabazWeb Pro you can create your own virtual store or improve it so that it meets all its goals and expectations. We have a great team of professionals who will be at your disposal so that, in a short time, you notice the difference.



These are the tasks that we can help you:


Design of virtual stores:

Do you want to be part of the online trading? Not know where start? Forget worries. Leave it in our hands and we will develop an online store that is adapted to your business 100%.


Experts in Prestashop: We only work with and for Prestashop by what we know very well this tool. We have focused on its development and optimized all of its advantages. We know how to make the most so you benefit from all the possibilities available.

And, why we consider ourselves experts? Because in addition to the talent of all our workers, we have more than 15,000 hours of experience in Prestashop.

We could also work with other tools, but then we would not offer the degree of professionalism and knowledge that our clients deserve, indisputable question in the philosophy of our company.


Advanced programming: Our programmers, as experts in Prestashop, manage to develop all the functionality with the standards set by the tool. If our customer needs it, we'll develop the tools necessary to enable it to Prestashop.


Modules as: Your business has special requirements and didn't find the right module? Don't worry, from AlabazWeb Pro program module you need with options to specify. This way your store will have all the features that your business requires.

Maintenance for your shop: Technology moves quickly and updates and improvements are the order of the day. But this won't be a problem for you because we will take care of monthly make all improvements needed in your business so do not stop growing.


  • SEO: Another important aspect of success in the online trade is a good search engine positioning. AlabazWeb Pro has professionals that only stores Prestashop.

  • Web Analytics: Marketing is important, but in order to develop a good strategy, it is necessary to know the situation of the market, competition and, above all, of one's self. For this purpose it is necessary to analyze your website and we can do it. Thanks to this analysis you can better determine your target audience, improvement or business opportunities, know which products are most profitable, keep track of their customers, find out the origin and destination of visitors and, in Finally, manage all aspects of your business on the Internet. In this way you will achieve continuous improvement of your business.


  • Digital marketing: In an environment of global trade where competition is global, achieve differentiation is the key to success. In this sense marketing strategies play a key role. We'll optimize those strategies to improve its sales so that you get the greatest return on your investment.

  • WPO optimization: In e-commerce the loading speed of your online store may be key for its success or failure. Having a website is slow, in many occasions, means losing a customer forever.

The WPO (Web Performance Optimization) is responsible for optimizing the performance of a website. This improvement is to increase the loading speed of your store and get reduce the time users take to view it completely. So will improve your customers browsing experience which will result in an increase in their profits.

  • Direct contact: From AlabazWeb Pro not only worry about the technical characteristics of your store if not want to help you make the most of your business on the internet. That is why we engage directly with your company and offer a direct and personalized treatment, putting at your disposal all our experts so that they solve all the doubts that may arise. Because your success is also ours.


Since our company we provide our clients a service of Hosting compatible and optimized for Prestashop. It is not a terea simple and requires the joint work of experts in the application and administrators Hosting experts.


We have been able to refine a Hosting dedicated through an agreement with where down to the last detail has been revised and optimized to ensure the best results from your store performance.


Also we put at your disposal different options with different technical characteristics so you always find Hosting that best suits your needs.

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