Dear customers,
on the occasion of the vulnerability the SSl Protocol (is the Protocol that was being used for the protection of customer data) due to their old insecurities have been detected and why Paypal has decided to use the Protocol TLSalso known as POODLE, weakness of security, which was designed to secure the confidence of connections to surfing the internet, which is the last and more secure.
As a result, stores using prestashop have to change its unification with paypal update module, it is necessary to update the module before the 3 December 2014 to version available in your client area area my downloads It has the zip of your prestashop with the new update version.
The correct procedure, first is to uninstall and remove the previous version to subsequently install the new zip.
NOTE: Please do not update in Paypal AW module from your backoffice where it says "update it", you have to perform the process indicating him previously, if it will not update on paypal coming default prestashop and that is not our module!
If you do not upgrade before the deadline, you may have a problem when it comes to process and receive payments through paypal if the module is not updated.


PayPal has created a test area to make your test, Paypal test environment.


Happy to help
Many thanks and greetings