PrestaShop Virtual Store - Complete Pack


The pack virtual shop PrestaShop alabazWeb is a complete turnkey solution to launch your online business. It includes adaptive design, advanced functionality and GDPR compliance, optimizing user experience and shipment management. Ideal for expanding your business in the electronic commerce.

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The full pack of virtual store PrestaShop alabazWeb is the comprehensive solution for those who want to delve into the electronic commerce. What. This package is designed to provide everything you need to launch an efficient and attractive online store, from design to advanced functionality, ensuring an optimal user experience and effective backend management.

With this pack, AlabazWeb is responsible for creating a custom web design, tailored to the specific needs of each business, ensuring that the store is not only visually attractive but also functional and easy to navigate. Adaptability to mobile devices is a priority, ensuring that customers can access the store from anywhere, anytime, without compromising the user experience.

The integration of advanced features such as improved search filters, analytics systems and Social Login options, facilitates user interaction with the store and improves the conversion rate. Optimized 3-step checkout simplifies the buying process, making it faster and less prone to cart abandonment.

AlabazWeb also places a strong emphasis on compliance with European GDPR regulations, ensuring that the store meets current data protection standards. In addition, the MegaShipping module increases carrier configuration options, allowing for more flexible logistics management and tailored to the specific shipping needs of each store.

The service does not end with the delivery of the website; AlabazWeb provides training on the platform and a monthly maintenance service to ensure that the online store runs smoothly and continues to improve.

This AlabazWeb pack is the ideal option for businesses looking for a "turnkey" solution to enter the world of e-commerce, providing all the tools and support necessary to be successful online.