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With the address static IP to your Prestashop hosting will increase the security of your shop and you'll get great advantages of positioning

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What is an IP address?

To be able to connect to the internet, it is essential that your computer has a ip address. The IP address is a set of numbers that you differ from the rest of internet users and that helps to know who is who.

On the other hand is the IPwell known by its acronym in English, Internet Protocol. It is, as its name suggests, of a network communications protocol and it serves to make possible the communication between two computers.

We can say that your IP address is like your ID card, it is the form that has Internet to know that you are the person who has to send the information. These addresses are not infinite and, therefore, it is necessary that your use is organized and optimized, a same ip address so it can be used by different people provided that they are not connected at the same time. That is why that created what is known as address dynamic IP. There are other types of IP, the static IPthat they are assigned permanently to a computer.

Differences between IP static and dynamic

The static IP address (also known as Fixed IP) is a unique address that is assigned to a computer forever or until the owner desired. As we have already said, every address that is connected to the network must be unique to ensure that the router knows who is the recipient of a message, but it is not necessary that it is always the same. For this reason created what is known as dynamic IP.

The operation of a dynamic ip address is based on the premise that not all users connected to the internet at the same time. In such a way that the IP that you are using can be assigned a different When Miss needed. Thus system is assigning the available IP people which you are connecting.

However There are people who need to be always available at the same address well because they offer public services, because they manage large amounts of data, or simply because they want to always have the same ip. That's so hiring a fixed ip.

Advantages of having a fixed IP

Having a fixed IP you guarantee that You'll have the same address permanently. If you have an online store or a web page, this is very important, as it will give you great benefits:

-Mayor Security your Web site

-Provide connection more reliable and stable.

-Allow greater speed of loading and unloading.

-Your IP address will be registered in search engineswhich will help you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

-It gives exclusive control over your IP. No one else can use it. So you avoid problems can occur by misuses that have had nothing to do with you.

-Allows connect safely your programming (php) and database (mysql) servers (hosting).

-Used DNS (domain name servers) for assign the domain name to the IP address. In this way it is possible to access the static IP address directly from the name of the domain.

-You will have access your hosting always, even if your site is inaccessible by an attack, a programming malfunction...

Why a IP fixed IPv6?

Another advantage that has the fixed ip of Alabaz is that it is one iPv6. The previous system, IPv4, with only 32-bit is close to run out. This would mean that more teams could not connect to the network. Therefore, is doing gradual step from one protocol to another, so you'd already be prepared.

One of the advantages of IPv6 is formed by 128-bit instead of 32, making addressing problems disappear. In addition, IPv6 is much safer than its predecessor because it includes authentication and encryption of the information and many more advantages. You can see more information here.

Keep always available to your customers in the same direction and improves the results of your business.


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