Hosting Basic for Prestashop


Shared hosting optimized for Prestashop. Our Hosting is 100% compatible with Prestashop and have been optimized to offer the best performance.

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Hosting optimized for prestashop
provided and optimized and managed by Comvive for Prestashop Alabaz Web Pro


Alabaz Web Pro has been since 2008 performing custom programming, custom designs, optimizations for Prestashop on almost all Hosting on the market. Different types of projects of e-commerce and of course the budget for this purpose varies in an exponential way.


It must be a compatible with Prestashop application not only Hosting if not additionally optimized for execution. Optimization is not an easy task and needs the merger application experts and administrators Hosting experts.


Alabaz Web Pro we have optimized a Hosting dedicated through an agreement with where down to the last detail has been revised and optimized to ensure the best performance results.


Technical characteristics:

-1.5 gigabytes of hard SSD -SSD disks allow you faster access to your data, lower electricity consumption, are not heated, very quiet, greater reliability, faster and optimized to show the information required by prestashop.

With 1.5 gigs of space available to you you can manage a store with over 2,000 products with two images per product and with all the descriptions that are optimized with photographs, SEO, etc in an efficient way. 

-50 gigabytes of monthly transfer- This transfer capability allows you to have more than 150,000 visitors a month with optimal performance.

- IPv6 -IP Hosting Spanish prepared for the future.


Hosting para preestashop con IPv6


- Backup copies -We make two daily backups of all your files and your database.

- Antivirus and Antispam -All our Hosting have installed serial an Antivirus and an Antispam filter with which will avoid the majority of attacks on its Web site.


Why do we use the Comvive Hosting?

Comvive is a company specialized in the administration of Hosting dedicated high-end. Among its features are:

-High connectivity: Comvive has three large providers that allow direct connectivity with its Hosting of more than 30 GB/second.

Comvive is directly connected to the neutral point of Amsterdam (AMS-IX), that is the second point of exchange for size in the world, and thus get a direct connection with companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft and suppliers from all over Europe.

And to not stop talking about peering (traffic Exchange), also are connected to google ESPANIX, and AMS-IX with what they have a direct connection to google from Madrid and Amsterdamwhich leads to an improvement with respect to the speed of loading the websites of all customers from google, with the consequent improvement in the positioning and advantage over the competition.


The only hosting internal application PRESTASHOP installation


Do you need more features? There is always the possibility of extending the service to an option with greater characteristics if required by your store and hassle to you.