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RapidSSL® certificates help keep safe transactions from your customers using an encryption of 256 bit, accelerating through the inscription with the automatic validation of domain control. 

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If there is something that a user requires When you make a purchase via the internet is, without a doubt, protect your security. And to maintain the security of a client is not enough to encrypt the data of your bank accounts, is also necessary to maintain their privacy and their most personal information such as phone number, addresses... If a customer enters your store and feel that it is not in a protected site chances are you turn out and in the shortest possible time. Therefore, counting with a SSL certificate to demonstrate that your store is "legit" is essential to achieve success.

What is SSL certificate?

The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol that tells users that the web site you are accessing is reliable so you can enter your personal data in a secure manner.

Thanks to the SSL protocol the information that is sent between user - receiver and vice versa travels encrypted, encrypted, so that can only be identified by the person who is sailing and that server in particular.

You should know that there are two types of keys: public and private. The public key is within the reach of any. Therefore, SSL creates a path with an encryption-only for all private interactions that are performed over the internet. Thus, the public key is used to encrypt the information, but you need the private key to be able to decrypt it.

This is the safest way to protect our personal data bank, passwords..., any possible attack.

However, to protect the confidentiality of the data of your customers have to choose by Certificates SSL 256 bit, more secure is the encryption so far.

For this reason, we put at your disposal the RapidSSL® certificates that you get to keep your customer data protected during online transactions, accelerating the process thanks to the automatic validation of domain control. It also includes its own IP.

What is the HTTPS protocol?

The https protocol (in English:) Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure) is the version-safe name http and aims protect information that is entered on the web, i.e. the connection to a web safe. Unlike in the http protocolhttps encrypts the information so that it is not accessible.

Basically, what happens to a page that has the https is that the information is encrypted with a digital certificate. In this way the user has the guarantee that data that is bowing to that page not may be intercepted by third parties to be used without your permission.

So that this coding is necessary to have a digital certificate, i.e., with a SSL.

To install the SSL certificate you get that all browsers display a closed lock when accessing your site, and that in the address bar http is replaced by its more secure version, the https.

What are the use of the certificate the benefits of?

If you are intended to implement the protocol SSL on your website but you do not know what are the advantages that this will mean for you and your business, here are some reasons to wait no longer:

-Increases the Security your shop online, since all all private data will be encrypted.

-The your customers confidence will grow. See the closed padlock and https will make users enter their details with peace of mind, knowing they are protected. They also remain longer in your site.

-Increases the your web traffic. Google will penalize the positioning SEO on all pages that do not count with the https protocol, so if you don't have a certificate SSL forget occupy the top positions in the search engine. Informate here.

-Increase the number of sales. If your customers know that your site is safe, they will not hesitate to complete the buying process.

-Certifies the legitimacy of your website. Protocol SSL will be able to prove that your site is yours and nobody more, avoiding any mistrust.

Now that you know all the advantages of using the https protocol you don't have excuses. Already purchase SSL certificate for your PrestaShop store and protect all transactions that occur in ecommerce. You get to make your clients feel safe shopping at your store and Google will reward your effort helping you to climb to the best positions in the pages of results.

Don't wait any longer to get the distinctive HTTPS in your web. Your customers will be more insurance and you can guarantee that all your data is protected.