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What is a domain and how does it work?

One domain it's the unique name given to a website on the Internet so that anyone can visit it over the web.

However, web pages are not stored in the hosting directly with this name, but they do it through a iP address, which is used to know which server they are on. But remembering an IP address is not easy (imagine having to know all the IPs of the sites you usually visit) and that's why we use the virtual domain.

In addition, the domain allows multiple sites share the same IP and makes it it's much easier to switch your web server, changing the address (IP) but keeping the same name (domain).

But of course, how does it turn the domain into IP and vice versa so that it can show you the web you're looking for? For the man in charge of this task is the DNS (domain name system) which is the same, domain name system.

Structure and types of virtual domain

A web domain consists of four main parts:

- The root: It's the section of the server where the domain is located.

- Top level domain (TLD) Top level domain: It refers to the termination of dominion. Example: . it is. with

- Second level domain (SLD) Second level domain: It usually refers to the domain name. For example:

- Subdomain: This is a sub-level within the domain. For example: www. i'm not sure. email. depending on the different areas of a domain.

When we talk about domain types, we usually refer to top-level domains (TLDs). In this case there are two types:

- geographic top-level domain or ccTLD: The ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) domains are known as territorial or geolocated domains. They are used to differentiate the different countries and territories of the world and use two letters as domain extension. They 're the ones we know as . is (Spain). france , . it (Italy)...

Generic top-level domain or gTLD: Previously they were used to differentiate the purposes to which they were dedicated. For example: . com was for commercial use. .What. but now its use is not limited. They're at least three letters long. Some examples are: . com, . org. information and so on.

Within this type of domain we also find sponsored top-level domains, known as sTLD (sponsored top level domain). What. These virtual domains have restricted use. For example . edu is only available for educational purposes.

Steps to registering a web domain

Indicates tor domain and desired extension in the section to the right (above the buy button) and in the order message . For example:

i 'm sorry
you know what
i 'm sorry . i 'm sorry
i'm not sure
you know what
you know what
i'm not sure

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