Importer of products from CoolAccesorios for PrestaShop


With this module, you can import and automatically update the catalog of products for mobile phone DropShipping CoolAccesorios provider offers.

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Why do I need this module?

Are thinking in mount a store online and think that the? DropShipping is it your best option? If is so and want to sell mobile phone articles: Smartphones, tablets, accessories as Chargers, covers, protective of screen ... CoolAccesorios is a great option and with this module multiplicarás your options.

For those who still don't know it, the DropShipping is a mode of business in which that the shop online not physically available products, but imports the database of the catalogue from a wholesaler. This provider will be the charge of send the products to the customer that purchase in your shop. Thus, you only have to take care to receive your benefit and maintain your WebStore. This business model saves money and space to the dealer because you don't need to have a permanent stock warehouse.

With this importer can start to sell them products of CoolAccesorios of form fast and simple because It allows you to choose which products you want offer to your customers, and import them directly from your catalog, as well as modify its classification and prices.


Thanks to this module:

Your customers you will have at your disposal the most updated product catalog CoolAccesorios, something very important in the changing business of technology.

You You can forget you's have that update continuously and of form manual them products, prices or stocks of each article. Thus, not only will save time and space in the creation of your store online but also will be much more simple perform the maintenance of the same.

All the features of the module:

Work with a provider has never been so easy

With this module only you have that indicate what like update and each how much time and the module importer is responsible of import the data of the products of CoolAccesorios and keep updated the catalogue of fashion automatic and reliable. After making this setting, you can forget about these technical issues and use the time to improve other important aspects of your business, such as customer service.


Tailored to your needs

CoolAccesorios importer module will allow you to customize and adapt to your needs up to the smallest detail of the import of databases from your provider.

From the module, a very visual and easy to use, interface panel, you can make the changes you need in terms of categories, carriers, updates, prices, import...

This module allows you to Configure a P.V.P. price or a price plus a percentage of profit, or even determine what percentage will apply based on certain price ranges. In addition, through the tasks Cron you will be able Automate updates According to consider (two times to the day, every day, every 15 days...). and you can also assign products to categories and carriers you need with a single click.


Import a la carte!

From the configuration of the panel Import You can select what content like upload to your shop PrestaShop, the file corresponding and if import the images or not. Also, can establish the mode of perform the import to the limits of load of your server not are an inconvenient.

With the field Block Ajax You can update as many lines as you like, reloading again every time that you performed the importation of that number of lines, and then import.

And if you need expand your hostingYou can see our service here or contact with us so we help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

No bugs, no errors. Forget you from all the drawbacks of import.


Total control

Since the Logs of the importer can control if the imports is have made of form correct or if the tasks Cron is launch correctly.

Not miss this opportunity and start to earn money in internet of the form more simple.