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Module that imports and automatically updates the catalogue of the supplier capsules Dropshipping, allowing you to choose when and which data will be imported. (Dropshipping)

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Why do I need this module?

If you want to join the revolution of the capsules coffee, chocolate and infusions and assemble your own business selling online can do so with dropshipping and the wholesaler Capsules Dropshipping.

Dropshipping business model is based on a basic premise: the online store does not have physical store. Therefore, not is necessary that you have a great space or stock permanent, but enough with that amounts the catalogue a wholesaler. In this way, customer purchase directly from your store and receives the order by the supplier, unless you have to take charge of the transport.

If you can also automate the process of importing the catalog, you can start selling products capsules Dropshipping in the faster and more efficient way. In a single process, you can choosing the wholesaler that you want to sell and import them directly and also modify its price to establish the commissions you earn from the sale of these products.


Thanks to this module:

Your customers may choose between a wide assortment of capsules of coffee, teas and chocolates for different coffee and with information always updated on prices and availability.

You you will get a business with little investment and save time in the creation and maintenance of your store that you can forget about having to manually update products, prices and stocks.


All the features of the module:

No warehouse or stock - only a provider

Is all what you need, your provider. Because with the importing module's capsules dropshipping can have always your updated catalog of products quick and easy, worry-free form.

The only thing you have to do is to indicate each how much time you want to update the information and the module will take care of that task. When you've done it, because you can forget catalog and worry about your customers.


Tailored customization

With this importer, you can modify the details of the import of the data bases of the wholesaler and adapt to your needs. So, you can change prices, categories of products, updates, transporters...

In addition, you can also indicate the percentage of profit you get with each product. This importer allows you to a percentage of profit or priced P.V.P, applied one price more and even to apply a percentage a function of price ranges.

By means of the Cron tasks you will be able Update import when you want (twice a day, once every two hours, once a week...)

Also you can assign the products to the categories that want and carriers that need.

Now you can forget the hard task to be always aware of updates from your supplier because with this importer, the task will be so simple that you will not remember this.


List import, sell!

You can select the content you want to import each time from the panel import settings. You can also decide if you want the images to climb or not.


And to avoid the import stops by the limits of load on your server, you can specify how you want to make the import. In this way, with the field Ajax block You can update as many lines as you want. When the import of that number of lines is full of it will recharge again and begin to import the remaining information.

Import?, that is. It will forget by full.


Total control

The module importer also features tab Logs. With this option you can controlling imports that have been made and if made correctly, as in the Cron tasks.


Much more than capsules

Wholesale dropshipping capsules puts at your disposal wide variety of products: capsules of coffee, chocolate, teas, but also milk, biscuits, chocolates, candy... in addition to coffee and other products for the maintenance of the machines.

And everything ready, don't wait any longer to start selling the easy way with dropshipping!