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Module that allows clients to choose the area and the seat where you want to sit (complement MegaServices)

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Why do I need this module?

Most of the companies that manage and perform events, they have to rely on third parties to put to the sell your tickets or tickets over the internet. However, delegate this process in other web pages often assumed that customers have to pay a expenditure management  in many cases they are high and make the user finally not to complete your purchase. To solve this problem, from AlabazWeb Pro we have developed the perfect module so you can sell your tickets or tickets your PrestaShop, allowing your client to choose your own seat and without relying on anyone more.

Thanks to this module:

Your customersYou can buy your tickets or tickets easily, choosing the area and seat you want directly in your PrestaShop. They will not be redirected to other pages or not cope with the feared costs of management.

You You can sell your tickets or tickets at the price you want, withoutDepending upon other companies for distribution. In addition, you will be able adapt the availability for days/hours, establish different areas with different price, vary the cost depending on the variables you need...

All the features of the module:

It complements your MegaServices

If you are already user's MegaServices and know all its advantages you can't miss AwSelectSeat because multiplicarás features your shop.

With these two modules you will achieve what you've always wanted, sell your shows entries or tickets of your services without relying on anyone.

The only customer will have to click on Select entries:

front office venta entrada cine

Once here, choose inputs directly from the listingadding the number of entries that the customer wants to:

listado de entradas front office awselecseat

In addition, if you wish, you can choose the seat you want. You only have to click on Select seats and will display the map of zones and the seats:

mapa zonas cine para mostrar asientos en el front

Occupied seats are displayed in colorRedthe free color Green and those chosen by the client will be color yellow.

Adaptable to any space

Does not matter if you are going to hold an event in a theatre, a concert hall, in a Palais des Congrès, in a stadium or selling tickets of train, bus or boat because AwSelectSeat adapts to any space. It is enough that indicate the place where will the event or where you have exit the means of transport and you think the schema namespaces available.

listados de lugares creados back office aeselecseat
mapa zonas de asientos teatro romano de merida

Here you can see several examples:





Create your own areas and seating

Once you've configured the site, you will have to add the various areas and the seats each one of them. You can create as many zones and subzones as you need:

mapa para añadir las zonas de un teatro awselecseat

In addition, within each of them, you can add all the entries that you want to create your space and to adapt to the actual availability of the event:

zona de asientos en la platea desde el back

Set the orientation

With AwSelectSeat you can specify the orientation of the stage and the seats according to the position that mark the clock hands. In this way the user always know to look like the stage from his seat:


asientos orientacion frontal respecto al escenario

In addition, you can add images of each area to help the user to choose one or another seating area.

imagen de la vista del campo o escenario desde la zona

It is adjusted the price zone

Not all the seats are the same, therefore, with AwSelectSeat you can istablecer different price billetor input depending on the area in which it is located.

You will only have to choose the area on the tab attributes:

establecer diferente precio por zona en atributos

And the price will be displayed in the front office:

listado de cantidades front teatro

Stable price by attribute

The module also allows vary the price the input of an area depending on a attributefor example, if the input is of adults or children. You only have to access attributes and choose the new option that is displayed, Price attributes seats to create the different possible combinations:

elige el precio del asiento en funcion de uno o varios atributos

Like this will show the different options in the front so customer can select the option you want.

Will be in the list of quantities:

selecciona el asiento y varia el precio en funcion de atributo seleccionado

And in the map of zones:

selecciona el atributo para elegir el asiento en una zona

Adjust the availability

You can set the availability an area, simply, adding seats available in that area in particular.

In addition, if it is a area without seats, as it can be the area track in a concert, guests can also enjoy limit the number of entries that it can be sold in that area.

To do this simply to access to Attributes and you set the number of services, as is done in MegaServices, but choosing the area that availability refers to:

establece las entradas disponibles en zonas donde no hay asientos

Thus, the user you will not have access to the seating area, if not you will have to choose your input directly from the listing.

Disables areas

In addition, you will be able disable a zone for a day or specific date. In this way, during that time users may not choose the seats in that area. To disable a zone only have to access to attributes and select the option  Disable area, by choosing the area in particular:

deshabilita una zona concreta que no esta disponible

In this way, that area will be disabled on the specified date and you will not display or in the list of quantities or in the map of zones.

All these features are added that options that you have with your MegaServicios is always.

Complete your pack with MegaTicket and you can validate the entries of your customers at the door of the event. Not need nothing more than your mobile phone and the application TicketScan available for iOS and Android.

In addition with MegaPayment your customers can book their tickets and pay only a percentage of the total cost and the rest when they pick up the tickets at the box office or in a second payment of your choice.

Don't miss all their news and begins to enjoy all the advantages of AwSelectSeat already.

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