Aw Captcha


Protect your online store from spam and fake customer accounts with our AWCaptcha service. Eliminates fake messages and users and avoids new spam attacks.

Prestashop Version: 1.7
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Why do I need this module?

If you want to protect your store from fake customers and accounts, you need to install a CAPTCHA that avoids unwanted records. However, this type of filters end up being annoying for customers who have to fill out fields and click on several windows to get the record complete. But with our service AWCaptcha the process is much easier because it will be the CAPTCHA itself that is responsible for detecting fraudulent records, without real customers have to overcome any long and annoying "test" that many times makes them Leave the register.

Thanks to this service:

Your customers You do not have to fill out long forms or click on different pages to overcome the protection of the store, because it will automatically be detected if who tries to register is a false user

You You won't have to worry about fake customer accounts or spam attacks from the forms anymore, since you'll have your store completely protected.

All the features of this service:

Your store protected from spam attacks

With our AWCaptcha service your store will be protected from unwanted records. Forget about having to be reviewing the listings of new customers and eliminating the fake accounts because with AWCaptcha this will not happen again.

Automatically removes fake client accounts

With this service not only avoid the fraudulent records in your store but also we will take care of eliminating all those accounts of clients and messages that have been created through attacks of spam and that so long it would take you to have to delete manually.

Security for you and your customers comfort

AwCaptcha is not a module, if not a service that we want to offer you directly from Alabaz. That is why we are in charge of checking your shop and leaving everything ready, so that you only have to enjoy its advantages.

Besides your clients will not have to fill in any field, you will only see a small icon indicating that the Web is protected by a CAPTCHA, which will increase your confidence in the store and prevent you from leaving the Web.

Closed Captcha icon in the new count form

When you put the mouse over the icon, it will be displayed to show the links to the privacy policy and the conditions of the Google reCAPTCHA service:

Show open captcha icon with conditions and privacy

Also protects contact forms

But spam attacks not only come from the logs. Another point from which you can suffer this invasion is from the contact forms of the store. For this reason with AWCaptcha we will also include the protection in the forms to avoid hundreds of unwanted messages.

Captcha icon in the contact form to avoid spam

Do you want to have your store always protected? Well do not hesitate and hire our AWCaptcha antispam service, sure you will not regret.