Módulo para mostrar productos relaciones por color


Module shows products related by the color combination selected on the product page.

Prestashop Version: 1.7
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Why do I need this module?

With the AwRelatedColor module you can show related products that have the same color as the item the customer is viewing. You can also choose which product categories you want to show as recommendations. In this way you can improve their shopping experience in your store and offer your users an extra with which you can increase the amount of carts.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers you can see other products that interest you without leaving the product page. This will improve the user experience and give them an extra advantage over other online stores.

You you can choose what kind of products you want to show as recommended in each case. In this way, you can link some categories to others of interest to offer a better service.

All functionalities of the module:

Link products from your PrestaShop store by color

When a customer accesses one of your products, they will be able to see others on that same page articles of the same colour. What. In addition, if the product has several colours available it will display the related products for each of them.

If you sell clothes, you can offer your customers other garments that have that tone so that they can combine them. In a furniture store you can show the different available furniture in the same shades to complete the furniture of a room. The functionality of this module is so useful that you can use it for whatever you sell.

Add all the colors to your products

Configuring the AWRelatedColor module is very simple as the module itself will detect all color attributes that you have associated your products in the PrestaShop catalogue and its hex code.

When you create a product with a new color on the "Add Color" tab, that new color that is not associated will appear and you can add it to the color list.

In addition, you can group all similar shades into one color.

Choose which products you want to show as related

Not all products in your store, even if they are the same color, will be related. That's why with AWRelatedColor you can choose for certain category the products you want to show of other categories.

For example, for the category of “swimsuit” (swimsuits, bikinis, slippers...) we will only show the products of that category, but not coats or party dresses, even if they have the same color.

On the other hand in the category of party dresses” we can show as related products those belonging to the category of tocados”, diademas”, .shoes to wear”, bags and wallets”, etc.

With this functionality your customers will see products that really interest them and will appreciate that everything is visible from the same product page.

Adapt the module to your store design

From the module configuration itself you can also choose which hook from your PrestaShop you want to show related products. It even has a custom option so you can adapt it to any template.

If you have many products of the same color it's also not a problem because with AwRelatedColor you can choose the maximum number of products to be shown under related products by colour.

Easy, right? So don't wait any longer and offer your customers that plus they're looking for and you'll get them to feel comfortable while shopping on your ecommerce.