The success of Materiales de fabrica thanks to Megaproduct

When you have a great idea for a web business but you don't know how to start, surrounding yourself with a great team of motivated professionals willing to work hard to achieve the best results is essential. This is the case of the company Materiales de Fábrica, which in just 5 years has managed to become a reference company in the construction sector. And to achieve this great success, online commerce has been essential. Being able to sell their personalized custom products through the web with the MegaProduct module has been the differential point that has led them to where they are today. Do you want to know a little more about its history and the role that AlabazWeb has played in all this? Well, don't miss this post.

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The success of Materiales de fabrica thanks to Megaproduct

If there's one thing that fills the Alabaz team with pride, it's the success of our clients. Hearing them say that thanks to our help, their companies have thrived, improved, and achieved success greatly reassures us and motivates us to strive a little harder every day to present our best selves to you.

One of these success stories is that of the company Materiales de Fábrica, which found in the MegaProduct module the solution for selling online customized products to measure.

They wanted to share their story with us, and we want to share it with all our users so you can see that with a little effort, great rewards are always obtained.

Materiales de Fábrica, a company that saw an opportunity for success

Materiales de Fábrica is an online store of the business group Reformam Network 2010 S.L. Founded by Jaume Riutord, current CEO, thanks to the vision that there was a lack in such a traditional market as construction. Giving customers the possibility to buy from home without having to visit warehouses or large stores and at factory prices with shipping included was a market need that was being ignored, a niche with potential that had to be exploited.

The project was born in Mallorca where, after a while working on the web design, it went out into the world in 2014. It started focused on professionals, but later adapted to serve individuals due to the high demand it was experiencing. Until today, Materiales de Fábrica has managed to become a national reference in its sector and even closed 2018 with a turnover of €3,555,000.

It is true that there are some complicated aspects of the sector such as some manufacturers staying within the traditional part (warehouses, renovation companies, etc.) and not daring to move to the online channel.

There are also customers who still fear buying online, but the data is what it is and currently Materiales de Fábrica has more than 40,000 customers and many of them are regulars.

This is achieved thanks to certain key characteristics that, combined, allow Materiales de Fábrica to offer a complete and satisfactory shopping service. This ranges from having a wide variety of catalog with personalized descriptions and very competitive prices to fast and decisive customer service both before and after purchase. Not to mention the free shipping throughout the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands and the multiple payment options that customers have to adapt to all needs. The evolution of the company has led it to compete with industry giants like Leroy Merlin. This leads to a forecasted annual turnover for 2019 of approximately €8,000,000.

AlabazWeb's role in Materiales de Fábrica's success on paper

To create the e-commerce, various possibilities were considered such as Wordpress or Magento, but they finally chose PrestaShop. The peculiarity of the store is that it needed to have in the catalog products that could be customized by customers, so they went in search of a solution.

Along the way, they came across AlabazWeb, which offers a wide variety of different Prestashop module packages so that each company can decide which one suits them best. That's why Materiales de Fábrica decided to use these packages to introduce the MegaProduct module to the online store. In addition, the free technical support they offer and the blog tool with guides on how to use the modules they have are a plus point in their favor.

Having the MegaProduct module is essential for certain products in the Materiales de Fábrica catalog such as shower screens, shower trays, wall coverings, or countertop basins. Since this allows you to configure the products sold to measure, in m2, cm, kg, volume, etc.

Furthermore, the module also allows selling products by boxes, calculating the number of boxes required for each product based on the measurement the customer needs. This is very useful for selling products such as coverings, tiles, floors...

Another great advantage of this module is the possibility of working without combinations, being able to treat each attribute separately, which makes product configuration much simpler and website loading smoother.

With MegaProduct, you can also set the manufacturing time of a product, so that the customer can see on the product page itself how long it will take to have the order at home. This is essential for personalized products.

configure custom products with megaproduct

In short, it's a module with countless possibilities and different configurations. And it's generally known that customized products are more attractive, for their ability to fit any need customers have, especially in this type of products, so having them in a store like Materiales de Fábrica is a key element. And the way to achieve this was through the MegaProduct module from AlabazWeb. You can see it for yourself by visiting the Materiales de Fábrica page here.

Fight for your idea and surround yourself with the best team

Creating an online store is not easy, but if you have a good idea with great potential and, above all, if you put a lot of effort into it and surround yourself with great professionals, you can succeed. What should never be missing is continuous work and transmitting these feelings to all your employees.

At Materiales de Fábrica, a series of aspects have always been taken into account to achieve the set objectives, and we have never deviated from the path to achieve them. The philosophy of the company should not be changed because that is what makes you unique among others.

surround yourself with the best team to achieve success

To this philosophy, another key point is added, teamwork, and the importance of transmitting that feeling to all members so that each of them adds to the equation. With a motivated group towards the same goal, not only reaching the goal will be satisfactory, but the journey will be even more so.

Still not familiar with all the possibilities that MegaProduct can offer to your business? Visit our demo and you will be able to see the large number of products and options that you can configure with the module.

If you have any doubts, you can visit the module page or contact us directly and we will indicate if it suits your needs.

And if you also have a great idea and need support and advice to carry it out, don't hesitate, contact the Alabaz team and we will help you find the best path.

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