General terms and conditions

The present general conditions of sale apply strictly to all sales of products in the shop alabazweb.com. All requests made to the web alabazweb.com online shop necessarily involves title of essential, decisive and indispensable, condition the acceptance without reservation by the customer of the General conditions of sale of the shop web alabazweb.com force the day on which the corresponding order is carried out. In addition, customer acknowledges that the acceptance of these terms and conditions shall include the application of the order to which they refer, as well as any subsequent order, with the exception of those cases in which new conditions are brought to its knowledge by the Online alabazweb.com the fact that alabazweb.com online store does not have recourse at any time to any of these terms and conditions cannot be interpreted or equal to renounce resorting to them in the future or in the past. The interpretation and the execution of the conditions, as well as all acts which are a consequence of them, will be subject to the Spanish law, unless there are provisions of public order contrary to it.


Published at the alabazweb.com shop prices are in Euros and are valid except for typographic errors. All prices are the VAT applicable on the day of the order, any change in VAT rate will be automatically applied to the prices of the products for sale in the shop alabazweb.com. The renewal of the license of a module or the purchase of a second unit of that same module has a discount of 20% of the original cost of the module for those that have a cost greater than €60 (except in modules for dropshipping as importers or shipping modules ). Bids on products for sale at the shop alabazweb.com will be displayed in the section "Offers" or will be indicated on the product tab and if not indicated otherwise, are valid while displayed on-screen.

Alabazweb.com is not committed to respecting published price on any web page that is not their own, or when used these website to promote any product of alabazweb.com in a period exceeding the date of inquiry of price in alabazweb.com. Discount vouchers have a validity and special conditions for its use. See the specifications of each voucher before use. If you need invoice, you must fill in your billing information to that effect-enabled data. Any modification and/or amendment of the Bill should be requested through the order on which includes invoice or ticket from the same user account.

Forms of payment

In making the order, the customer can choose freely pay for purchases made in the shop by alabazweb.com: - Bank transfer - PayPal (extra charge € 0.35 + 3.4%)-via credit card or debit via TPV virtual safe 4B. - through credit or debit card through the secure virtual POS "CaixaBank".


Templates and modules for sale in alabazweb.com can not be resold and only authorizes the use in a domain (without possibility to change this once discharged) or in localhost for testing, and the same version for which they were acquired and licensed. We provide test licenses or demos wherever Local host, a domain where look expressly that it is a testing, subdomains, or an ip, single domain and exclusively in these cases the use of licensing of testing is permitted.

The products purchased are for the exclusive use of the person making the purchase on your web site. To make use of the guarantee of a product has to be always request support from the account from which purchased is the product or support hours, alabazweb.com reserves the right to deal with requests if they are not made through the user account from the that is hired and always within the time stipulated for such activity. In the case of purchased two Alabazweb.com modules that need to work together, must be updated to their latest versions both to be able to make use of the warranty that support both. Templates and modules can be modified and adapted to the image of the company, image only, buy them, but not resellers, and always will perform modifications in our modules or templates by non-Alabazweb.com staff that product will lose your warranty. Tenders submitted by online alabazweb.com store are valid within the limit of available stocks and the dates set for the offer.

Alabazweb.com online store reserves the right to modify the assortment of products depending on the difficulties imposed by its suppliers. Photographs, graphics and descriptions of the products on sale are only indicative and do not compromise in any way the alabazweb.com online store. Any license modules will have a guarantee of free support for 3 months and possibility to download updates for a year, this last is customer responsibility keep your product stored, AlabazWeb will not be responsible for loss information in this case.

Any processing of use warranty must be carried out once the module in question this updated to the latest version offered by Alabazweb.com in its platform, otherwise, Alabazweb.com is in right to request your upgrade, regardless of the costs involving this customer. In order to extend the warranty 3 months more, shall pay the amount specified on the web at that moment to do so, if this amount is not covered, outside this time any request, review or problem is borne by the customer. Budgets it provides 1 month warranty from the delivery of the work, this deadline alabazweb.com will not be charge of revision or no problem since is understood as time enough to have proven the project, and there have been reported no problem means that customer accepts and confirms that the service provided has been compliant. Budgets provided in no event include reports on the development, just include the files that were modified so that they could perform this functionality.

Test product configuration

All customer that wish may request a test product configuration. The cost of this configuration will be 1 hour of work that will be returned entirely if finally is the purchase of the product. These demos can be used by Alabaz to show them to other customers or create demo videos.


The products purchased will be sent to the registration email at the time of confirming your payment. The receipts will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by the client in its register in the shop www.alabazweb.com and can also be accessed in the registry account created by customer in the shop www.alabazweb.com. An order is considered delivered at the moment in which the user to download the product or fill in your license data.

User registration

To browse the shop and add products to the cart it is not necessary to be registered. However, to make the purchase if you will need to register as a user. We will ask for your personal data to generate your customer card, these data will be protected under the provisions of law 15/1999, of 13 December, of protection of data of a Personal nature. Only people over 18 years old may register. With your user account you can make purchases and benefit from discounts, promotions and gifts that we offer to our customers. In your account you can look up the history and details of orders, shipping addresses, their means of payment, your vouchers discount, etc.

Purchase process

Add all the products you want in your cart, then to purchase click 'Confirm'. Once confirmed the request and provided that the payment method has been any different from the transfer, will have available your module to download during the time stipulated in these conditions, instantly and subsequent to the purchase, since its client in www.alabazweb.com area. Once installed the module, you must activate it. So you must Access your client in alabazweb.com area go to the area of activation of modules and enter the Url of production where will use this module. (if you need another license tests, consult us) In the client address section you must fill your details so that we carry out you your Bill.

Cancellation or returns of orders once downloaded.

No refunds of products, since it is software, and not a tangible product, once sold will not be returned the amount under any circumstances except causes attributable to alabazweb.com, in this case www.alabazweb.com will study the origin of the problem to try to solucinarlo dedicating to this capacity whenever it is within warranty.

Incidents or problems with modules

This shop modules have been tested on versions indicated on the tab of the product and found that they working properly on any Prestashop theme by default, it can occur that is installed by incompatibilities with the theme of the clients, servers, and other modules incompatibilities or by a malfunction of the store of the client, the module does not work as it should, so it is the customer's responsibility ensuring that all functions of your website the standards of PrestaShop.

In any case alabazweb.com undertakes to review any problems that may have the client, provided that the access codes provided by ftp and admin panel, and it is in warranty period, otherwise alabazweb.com not be committed to solve the problem or to reimburse the amount. Where the problem does not respect nor are the fault of www.alabazweb.com you must pay the price of the hours devoted to study his case. Alabazweb.com is not responsible for the lost data by the client when performing an update to it, as a custom client modifications, should be the customer who at all times be aware of amendments containing your business and if they can be committed during an update of the same.

Alabazweb.com shall not be liable for data loss of any update to version made in any of our modules of alien form, either by the customer or by third parties. In which case the user will lose the guarantee of the product. AlabazWeb.com will not be responsible for problems arising from third parties affecting our modules, as well as example named some, cofidis, Redsys, Grutinet... among others and reserves the right to update these modules.


Anytime that you want please contact us to request more information or answer your question via the form of contact from your client area by sending a ticket from our live chat, within his office hours customer or by phone, alabazweb.com reserves the right to indicate through which medium should communicate their request. 

The acceptance of these conditions implies acceptance of our part of the acceptance of the same legal notice and cookies policy.

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